When academic research = big money

Michele Rudroff performs drug extractions from plasma samples in the Sample Preparation Lab at Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories. She will be one of the workers moving to the new lab facility early next year in MU’s research and technology park, Discovery Ridge. ABC Labs were formed in the late ’60s and are one of MU’s earlier experiences with the easy transfer of technology from academic research into the business world.

Turning research into dollars, known as university technology transfer, netted MU $2.6 million in 2006. However, the university is looking to increase that number through key initiatives such as Discovery Ridge research and technology park.

Transparency in the newsroom makes for better journalism

Across the street from the Missourian building, professors and Ph.D. students like me pontificate and ponder about journalism. This week, we got to practice what we preach.

Sore feet

There’s a million ways we’re healthier now than our ancient ancestors, but in one way they had it better — when humans walked barefoot, they had far fewer problems with their feet.

Journey of belief

When Zellhoefer, an MU sophomore, and freshman Brittany Lupardus began their four-month mission trip last January, each had hopes of helping a country ravaged by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Neither imagined they would be the ones to change and question their commitment to their faith.

Out of sight, out of ... what was I saying?

So I was scampering from job to job on Monday, trying to figure out which tasks that were hanging fire should be extinguished first, when a cheery e-mail came through: OK, Mary ... the Dave & Cheri road show is getting ready to commence forthwith ... Prepare to pay for all the evil you have perpetrated upon the world, as we threaten to make an appearance in your neck of the woods in the not too distant future.