Survey says residents unhappy with pace of development

Columbia is a fast-changing town with the constant sprawl of new developments. But people’s unhappiness with growth remains fairly constant. The third DirectionFinder survey commissioned by the city shows that about 40 percent of residents are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with how the city has been planning for growth.

Heroes in journalism are rarely American

During my years in journalism, I’ve met a few heroes, people who have been willing to risk their lives for something they believe in. Not many of those heroes have been journalists.

Five Ideas

How do you think city officials can promote energy conservation in Columbia? In what ways do you think year-round schooling would benefit or hinder Columbia students? What effects would alcohol sales in parks have on alcohol consumption at park events? What would you be willing to sacrifice for the benefit of science?

What do you think is the next step in the campaign for alternative energy sources?

Internet task force has arrested 42 since inception in January

With a recent spate of arrests of suspected child predators, the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force is quickly establishing itself as one of the most well-known law enforcement agencies in the region. Months of investigation by the task force and cooperating agencies culminated last week in the arrests of four people suspected of committing Internet crimes against children.

Worshiping God takes on a new direction

Heritage Baptist Church’s second annual Youth Jam focused on reaching out to young teens by presenting religious ideas with pop culture terms youth can relate to. Facing competition from a wide variety of summer offerings, religious summer programming is trying to be culturally relevant while retaining a spiritual emphasis.

Officials knew about security vulnerabilities before attack

Internal security audits show that University of Missouri System administrators and security staff were aware of security vulnerabilities affecting UM information systems prior to the database attack in early May.

Tiger Hotel asks for tax-break help on revival

As early as this fall, owner John Ott said construction will begin to restore the Tiger back into a downtown draw — a historical boutique-style hotel he says could grease the wheels for further downtown development and catalyze economic progress. But the restoration depends on getting the money to make it happen.

Mayor pushes for storm water law to start earlier

Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman is concerned that after “severe problems with storm water in the past,” developers are still trying to squeak in their applications before the newest storm water ordinance takes effect.

DISCOVERING their past

Guests of the Wilson/Clark Family Reunion traveled from as far as Colorado and as close as Columbia to celebrate the reunion Saturday at Cosmopolitan Park. Traci Wilson-Kleekamp created an improvised family tree for the families in about 15 minutes. The chart contained more than 100 names and was done by memory.

Mudballers not just messing around

Mudball ’07 was held Saturday to raise awareness for the organization. The mud volleyball tournament featured seven co-ed teams of at least six players ages 18-and-older.

Swimming a fun challenge

While Micah Wright would finish the last few weeks of his kindergarten year in a cast, something else was on his mind. He had a full summer of swimming ahead of him.