Part of Johnson's Shut-Ins park to open Monday

The popular state park that was wiped out when a mountaintop reservoir collapsed plans to partially reopen for two months.

Restaurant that served Hancock faces no state penalties

The Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control will take no action against a restaurant that served St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock before the drunken-driving accident that led to his death.

MU vice chancellor leaves for job at Rice

Jim Coleman, MU’s vice chancellor of research, announced Friday that he will leave his position to become the vice provost for research at Rice University in Houston.

Up close in London, with a car bomb down the street

Today London felt smaller, despite the streets being more crowded and the underground system more congested. I walked alongside hundreds of people, our very different minds turning over the same set of facts.

Car seat safety inspections offered at farmers market

The Safe Kids Coalition, a non-profit organization, is offering car seat checks Saturday during the Boone County Farmers Market at 1005 W. Worely St. from 9 a.m. to noon.

Columbia man died in city's second fatal accident this year

Robert L. Hickem died Thursday of injuries he suffered earlier this week in a traffic accident, the Boone County Medical Examiner’s Office determined Friday.

Rains continue to fall; some water levels nearing flood stage

Heavy rains continued to fall Friday afternoon in Columbia, bringing totals to more than 6 inches in parts of northeastern Boone County since Wednesday according to the National Weather Service.

Marines drop case against Iraq veteran

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Marines won’t kick out an Iraq war veteran who made anti-war statements in a speech and wore part of his uniform at a protest despite a recommendation to discharge him early.

Ex-officer accused of buying vodka for girl who died in crash

NEOSHO — A former Neosho police officer has been accused of buying vodka for a 16-year-old girl who died in a car crash a day later with the vodka bottle in her vehicle.

Meal time can be a real zoo — at the zoo

ST. LOUIS — Right now, the pickiest eaters at the St. Louis Zoo just might be the cheetahs.

Rainy-day warriors

Heavy rainfall didn’t keep everyone inside for a lazy afternoon nap in their cozy homes. Some ventured into the downpour.

Stem cell research expansion on hold

Citing a continuing controversy over stem cell research in Missouri, officials with the Stowers Institute for Medical Research announced Thursday that plans for a major expansion have been suspended.

Man leaves jail but maintains claim to land

It’s like listening to history on KOPN’s reformatted old broadcasts

KOPN has been reformatting tapes in the station’s massive collection since 2004 with other state and local funding as part of its ongoing Reel-To-Reel Project.

Finding uses for aerial photos

A little over two weeks after a Chesterfield company took aerial photos of Columbia, about 25 people attended an open house Thursday night to learn about the future of the Natural Resources Inventory Project.

Residents applaud bus changes

Columbia residents listened to and commented on the 2007 Columbia Transit draft master plan at a public hearing Thursday.

Officers of the court

During the first wave of the morning rush at the Boone County Courthouse, the metal detector beeped frantically as a man walked through it. He checked his pockets as the uniformed court marshal calmly used the hand wand to ensure that the man’s brown, steel-plated boots were the only source of the metal detector’s agitation. Frequently, a gun or a set of brass knuckles is the culprit.

Once, Fred Baer, who has worked at the courthouse since 1989, found brass knuckles in a woman’s purse.

“She tried to blame her little girl on putting them in there,” he said. “She said she found them out playing and put them in her purse. A lot of people come in here don’t tell the truth.”

Alternative jail given financial support

Reality House received two pieces of good news from the Boone County Commission this week.

Double-edged sword: Pitching jobs could cost jobs

The Boone County human resource department may have to dip into emergency funds for the third straight year.

Columbia needs to act on gangs

Not long after moving to Columbia, I met a city official and asked about the gang graffiti I noticed. The mantra was “no gang problem here,” that it was just a bunch of wannabes.