Power’s back on

Albert Pujols hit two home runs on Sunday and nearly had two more, an encouraging sign for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Surprising Cavs, Gibson heading to Alamo City

Of all the fearsome players the Eastern Conference has sent West to do battle with the game’s most established stars, who would have figured on ’Bron-Bron and Boobie?

Tigers get boost from Crew

The Missouri baseball team uses a number of utility personnel. They don’t have a batting average, or any RBIs, and they must pay for their own uniforms. Instead of using eye black, they wear mascara.


Chris Dominguez’s hit should have been the highlight of Sunday night’s NCAA regional game between Louisville and Missouri. Dominguez’s home run was the winner in the Cardinals’ 4-3 victory over the Tigers, ruining Missouri’s hopes for an undefeated regional title.

Mo. carbon dioxide emissions on the rise

Since 1990, the U.S. government has talked about reducing carbon dioxide, the chief global warming gas. But since then, Missouri has gone the opposite way.

Borrowers renting credit histories

Only a low credit score stood between Alipio Estruch and a mortgage to buy a $449,000 Spanish-style house in Weston, Fla., a few miles west of Fort Lauderdale.

Bill should focus on sex education

Missourians should be very concerned about the impact of this anti-prevention, anti-sex-education bill, HB 1055.

Immigration issue hits EU, too

Today’s discussion is about immigration, migration and even remigration. These issues are a great part of the current debate about immigration reform in the U.S. Congress. We’d like to put some perspective on that debate.

Effort to help theater hurt, but not halted

The Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts’ fundraising campaign, “Home is Where the Art Is,” came to an abrupt halt Wednesday with $14,184.99 raised and an executive director in a cast.

Citizen review board

Members of the Minority Men’s Network will present a recommendation to the City Council tonight to establish a citizen review board for the Columbia Police Department because of what they see as a widening rift between police and community members.

Philips Lake project receives state aid

Columbia Parks and Recreation received a state Department of Conservation grant intended for use toward facilities at Philips Lake.

Missouri on canvas

Mary Lou Forbes’ career started out of a simple desire to redecorate a new home 40 years ago. After 40 years of honing her craft, the 90-year-old painter is putting her work on display for the first time. The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art in Fayette will feature her work and that of Anna Mae Hodge in “From Fayette to the World.”

Mental center changes with decades

In 1967, the Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center became the first federally funded comprehensive community mental health facility in the nation. On Friday, current and former staff members gathered to celebrate the 40-year history of Mid-Mo, as the center is known.

Bill could put off abortions at clinic

A recent state bill would hold abortion providers in Missouri to the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers, and Columbia’s Planned Parenthood clinic would not be able to provide surgical abortions until significant upgrades are made to its facility.

Helping local smokers snuff their habit

Don’t let people smoke in your home. Get rid of the ashtray in your car. Have the support of your family and friends. These are some tips that Cindy Brengarth tells her patients who have decided that it is time to quit smoking or to at least start thinking about it.

Feeling Jazzed

Luann Jackson, left, and Arthur Wolf, of Neosho, listen to Richard Egan, a cartographer by trade, play an original J.W. Boone piece during the Music Fair on Sunday. The Music Fair is a mid-afternoon introduction for the Original “Blind” Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival, held from Sunday through Tuesday at the Missouri Theatre. The festival is in honor of legendary ragtime artist and Columbia resident J.W. Boone. In all, 33 performers will take the stage during the festival, including performers Butch Thompson and Mimi Blais.

BOONE LIFE: Feudal Fun

As Killian Winterwolf puts on his gray helmet, Orion Harman and Rob Howell are already hacking each other with their duct tape-covered swords. Underneath a maroon canopy, one of the modern conveniences that continuously stands unnoticed, Chris Harman weaves wool while Mark Abbott unveils the group’s flag. The fighters’ chain and plate armor jingles and clangs to the pace of their movements.

Lecturer to make his case vs. God

While in graduate school at the University of California, Los Angeles, Victor Stenger went to a Protestant church near campus to meet people. By the time he became a professor at the University of Hawaii, Stenger had stopped going to church. He is now one of the most well-known atheists in America.

Local celebrities dance, raise $37,000 for Missouri Contemporary Ballet

Ten local celebrities, paired with professional dancers from Columbia’s Twilight Dance Studios, showcased their talents Thursday night at “Dancing with Missouri Stars.” The benefit raised $37,00 for the not-for-profit Missouri Contemporary Ballet.

Children encouraged to play in the dirt at National Trails Day Expo

From bear skins to coloring sheets, the National Trails Day Expo offered children the chance to learn and have fun.