Five Ideas

How do you think diplomatic efforts with Iran will help or hurt the United States’ position in the Middle East? Should restaurants be held liable for back wages? Does the military take the mental health of its soldiers seriously? Do the police have a legitimate concern about crime in an area to be annexed? What can the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol do to keep a sick person on a watch list from slipping into the country again?

Priday gives Tigers reason to cheer

In Saturday’s opening game of the Columbia regional’s second day, Miami’s Blake Tekotte hit a home run to lead off the game. His hit sparked the Hurricanes, who ended up eliminating fourth-seeded Kent State from the tournament with a 8-7 win.

Dena Muskopf has flourished with Special Olympics

During a sports summer camp in 2005, Dena Muskopf said two unspeakable words. “I can’t.”

Kip Wells gets his major league-leading tenth loss

The Houston Astros broke out of their hitting slump on Saturday and extended Kip Wells’ misery in the process.

Royals rebounding on road trip

All the Kansas City Royals needed to end a long losing skid was a road trip. It helps that it led off with Tampa Bay.

UM's first choice for system president turns down offer

The UM System Board of Curators’ first choice for system president turned down the offer in favor of a position in the private sector, Board chairman Don Walsworth announced Friday.

Home crowd sparks Tigers

A record-crowd of 3,481 at Taylor Stadium gave the Missouri baseball team the momentum it needed for a 10-2 win over Kent State on Friday night in its NCAA regional opener.

It’s good to see America regaining the courage to protest

I’m proud when the Missourian digs deep to find stories others would just as soon keep quiet. I worry, though, that journalists haven’t done enough to stand up to the avalanche of sound bites coming from Washington, and we citizens don’t demand enough from our politicians and our media.

How much is this vaccine worth to you?

Pincered by rising costs and eroding reimbursements, and resentful of what they regard as a long-standing and unfair financial burden, some doctors are refusing to buy it or restricting who receives the shots.

Activists cite Quran to end ritual

NAIROBI, Kenya — Trying to stop a bloody ritual undergone by millions of Muslim women in sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab world, health activists are trying a new appeal: They’re citing the Quran.

Praying for a shot

Robert Stewart rests a basketball on his lap and his forearms on his knees. Size 10½ Starbury Ones peek from beneath his jeans. Tidy rows of braids line his bowed head. Stewart pulls himself to the edge of the sunken sofa and lifts his soft brown eyes. Seven fidgeting junior high and high school students — members of the youth group of Barry Christian Church in Kansas City — wait to hear from their new youth pastor, a former MU Tiger basketball player.

Is that smoky movie a coincidence?

I appreciate our indoor smoking ban as much as the next person, assuming the next person isn’t a bar owner or a tobacco heiress. But when I heard that adult smoking could potentially give a movie an R rating, I confess I snorted.

Dancing with Missouri stars

Ten local celebrities battled it out on the dance floor Thursday night at “Dancing with Missouri Stars” to help to raise $37,000 for the not-for-profit Missouri Contemporary Ballet.

Five Illinois students denied diplomas after celebratory cheering

Caisha Gayles was one of five students denied diplomas from the lone public high school in Galesburg, Ill., after enthusiastic friends or family members cheered for them during commencement.

Missouri River rising toward flood stage

Flood watches were posted for a large part of western Missouri on Friday afternoon, and rain that’s already fallen was expected to push the Missouri River above flood stage at Boonville early next week.

‘Blind’ Boone Festival kicks off Saturday with movie showing

Those tired of hearing the Top 20 over and over can sing to a different tune at the Original “Blind” Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival.

Poems for Rock Bridge High School's graduation ceremony

Clay Minchew plans to read two poems as part of the Rock Bridge High School's graduation ceremony on Saturday. Minchew will read his poem “Life is short, life is sweet,” written after attending the funeral of classmate Paige Siddall, and a poem his grandmother wrote to help the family cope with her death.

State investigation finds no wrongdoing at bar in Hancock accident

A state investigation found no evidence that workers at Mike Shannon's restaurant knew Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was drunk as they served him alcohol in the hours prior to his fatal accident.

UM candidate rejects offer

Two sources have told The Kansas City Star that Terry Sutter, a New Jersey plastics company executive, has turned down an offer to become the president of the University of Missouri System.

Colossal catch

“A lot of people don’t get to see a fish that big,” said Adam Wolf, owner of Tombstone Tackle.