Police investigate purse snatching

A Columbia woman’s purse was stolen as she was walking down the street in central Columbia Tuesday afternoon.

True/False Film Festival gets new headquarters

Because of the success of the True/False Film Festival, headquarters have moved from a basement office next to Uprise Bakery to a second-floor perch above Teller’s Gallery and Bar.

Columbia's Battle of the Bands benefits Muscular Dystrophy Association

Thursday's concert at The Blue Note will feature Graffiti Out Loud, Brunette, Habitat Crew and A Grand Escort.

Castle Doctrine designed to reinforce right to protect yourself and your family

State Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, R-Joplin, calls the new law the “absolute defense for self-defense.” “The Castle Doctrine says you don’t have to ask: ‘By the way, are you here to hurt me or my family?’” State Rep. Ed Robb said. “You can just take defensive measures on your own.”

Grant to MU Med School meant to help get youth interested in science

A recent $750,000 grant to the MU School of Medicine will bring state-of-the-art technology to Columbia and St. Louis public schools. The money is part of a national effort to connect medical institutions to their surrounding communities and get elementary and secondary students more interested in science.

Harvest onions, garlic now to enjoy over winter

It will soon be time to harvest the alliums, particularly onions and garlic. Their storage longevity varies and one is challenged to make use of these food essentials in ways that exploit their goodness.

This Fourth, a closer view of Fire in the Sky

There’s more than the annual listing of entertainment awaiting those who take in the fireworks display tonight from inside Memorial Stadium. The main display will be fired from just southeast of the Hearnes Center, as they were last year, but this time fireworks will also be set off from inside the stadium.

Delays stop city from purchasing wind power

Wind power was supposed to become part of Columbia’s energy mix on Sunday, but delays at the wind farm providing the electricity and ongoing bureaucratic holdups stand in the way.

Midwifery law put on hold pending review

JEFFERSON CITY — A judge temporarily barred a new law Tuesday that would let some lay midwives deliver babies in Missouri without the threat of criminal charges and prison sentences.

AG candidate stepping down as minority leader

As Missouri House Minority Leader Jeff Harris, D-Columbia, steps down from that position to focus on his bid to become the state’s next attorney general.

Aiming for a new firing range

Long shadows stretched across the gravel as four men formed a row. A haze of smoke hung in the air as loud bangs filled the evening, followed by pops and metallic pings.The reverberations weren’t the sounds of exploding fireworks but the shots of reserve officers with the Columbia Police Department practicing their shooting skills at the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club.

Two weeks. One film. Intensive experience.

“Pieces Parts” is based on the true story of a Los Angeles art teacher who helps at-risk teenagers put their lives together through art, and it’s the short film being made at this year’s Summer Film Institute at Stephens College.

Rainbow House to hold golf tourney

Fifteen PGA Tour Professionals will be in Columbia on Monday, July 9 for the kick-off of the 17th annual Rainbow House Cornerstone Insurance Golf Classic at the Country Club of Missouri.

A different big-league dream

Justin Phillips announces strikes with a low, guttural rumble that can be heard from the outfield.

To add a bit of showmanship to his performance, Phillips turns his body to the right, pauses, and then throws up a firm fist to prove his groan indicated, “Strike one.”