Revealing his lost smile

Kimberly Matthews and her son Thomas Jackson clap out the beats in between burst of dancing in the kitchen. Initiating activity has been a major milestone for Thomas, and one of the family's favorite activities is dancing together in the kitchen.

When baby Thomas stopped interacting with the world around him, his mother set out on a quest to learn about his condition. The story of a single mom and her autistic son.

Dancing Thomas

Thomas Jackson keeps expanding his repertoire. He dances as well as sings. He chauffeurs his younger sister, Malinda, around the kitchen table on a tricycle, talks to his grandmother on the telephone, dresses himself and makes his own snacks.

New insights for the future of your newspaper born at retreat

A couple of weeks ago, 15 Missourian editors went to the woods to talk. I described the goal this way in an earlier letter to you: What is the new compact between the Missourian and the citizens it serves?

Analyzing alzheimer’s

Ted Distiler, 70, of Jefferson City has been taking care of his wife, Norma, since she was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1993.

How do you find fellow Jews? In The phone book.

Joel Cohen wanted his kids to receive instruction in their Jewish faith. But the closest synagogue was half an hour from his house in suburban Waldorf, Md.

Few responses, but worthy book titles

I invited all my readers on June 9 to recommend books for summer and ... one letter poured in.