In Blunt’s building boom, meeting rooms replace medical labs

Ray Glendening, farm manager, checks the operation of an irrigation system at the University of Missouri's Agroforestry Research Center in New Franklin, Mo., June 26, 2007. The research farm is slated to be the future site of the University of Missouri's Horticulture and Agroforestry Research Center. Currently, $3.2 million is earmarked for the farm with $2.5 million for the multipurpose building paid for with MOHELA money.

On a grassy ridge, with an apple orchard and a row of 20 pine trees as a backdrop, Gov. Matt Blunt’s vision for higher education will come to fruition.

Columbia’s trail system to expand as the city grows

Columbia’s trail system could extend into what is now Boone County. The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted to recommend a proposed two-mile extension of Bear Creek Trail from the Boone County Fairgrounds to Oakland Church Road.

Life-altering experience began with a simple jog

On June 19, I was jogging about three-quarters of a mile from my house, and a man tackled me.

What can you do to address climate change?

That’s what many Columbia residents, as well as people around the world, asked themselves Saturday. The Columbia Climate Change Coalition held a local version of the global Live Earth series, a 24-hour concert raising awareness for the climate change issue. The event, held at Peace Park, had live streaming video of concerts from around the world, as well as performances by local musicians. Between performances, local speakers highlighted major areas of environmental concern, such as alternative energy.

Concerts encourage green living

“Times like these demand action,” said former Vice President Al Gore, speaking to the sold-out crowd of about 52,000 in New Jersey’s Giants Stadium.

After ‘Sicko,’ old American ideals seem lost

When I read the Declaration of Independence in the Missourian on the morning of our 231st birthday, I had to wonder whether ­— amidst parades, cookouts and fireworks — we’ve forgotten something important.

5 Ideas

What impact do you think losing a congressional district would have on Missouri’s influence in national politics?

How much of a risk do you think a bio research lab in Columbia would pose for Missouri livestock?

Why do you think Bush commuted Libby’s prison term?

What qualifications do you think midwives should have and in what ways should they be regulated by the government?

How do you think this legislation will affect the way Missourians practice self-defense against an intruder?

Police think teen died from alcohol, prescription drug

Ben Smith, 18, spent Independence Day drinking at a friend’s house, said Ashland Police Chief Scott Robbins. At 11:25 a.m., the owner of the house called 911 when he found Smith was not breathing, Robbins said.

Tower built on Sanborn Field to measure urban wind velocity

A new weather tower has gone up on Sanborn Field to measure the force and direction of the wind in an urban setting, with an eye toward gauging the potential for wind power.

Garage Art

Alison Hunter was still setting up for the Columbia Garage Art community’s first gallery show 15 minutes after it was scheduled to start on Saturday.

Games showcase Columbia players

Despite the warm temperatures and that most people don’t consider the first part of July to be football season, athletes from throughout the state came to Columbia to participate in this weekend’s Show-Me State football games.

Hickman coach’s son shares father’s love of the game

Representing Columbia in the Show-Me State Games can be an intense experience for almost anyone. But for Mason Wright there is some added pressure. Wright is the son of Hickman coach Jason Wright.

Move to Missouri bittersweet

For Boonville resident Linda Simmons, sending her youngest child to college this fall will be difficult. No amount of preparation or planning can change that. It’s going to be tough and she knows it.

Miles’ gaffes help Giants beat Cards

Barry Bonds heard the familiar chorus of boos each time he touched the ball in left field. When he came to the plate and didn’t get to swing, that derision was directed at the mound.