Problems at 2 refineries are blamed for jump in gasoline prices

With a refinery in Kansas closed because of flooding and one in Indiana damaged because of fire, prices have gone up because suppliers have to travel farther to get the gasoline they need.

List of needed improvements is long for new high school

A decision to put a high school in a place with no existing sewer lines, with country roads with no curbs or shoulders has left Boone County officials and utility providers wondering how to meet the demands the proposed school would create.

Woman robbed by another woman at home, police say

In the Thursday night break-in, the suspect stole money and the victim's SUV, which was recovered Friday morning.

Imagine Columbia groups to submit their vision plans next week

Imagine Columbia’s Future will soon narrow its focus from brainstorming “big ideas” to picking priorities as Wednesday’s deadline approaches for members of 13 Citizen Topic Groups to submit their individual visions to the city.

Africa helps a local journalist learn who he is

“I wish you will do something to save a life,” my friend Gomez wrote me in a letter during my Peace Corps service in Niger. He needed me to help his HIV-positive sister. It was the most shocking moment during my time in his country.

Energizer will spend $1.16 billion to acquire Playtex Products

Energizer Holdings Inc. will buy Playtex for about $1.16 billion — adding sun screen, wet wipes and sippy cups to the product line.

$600,000 in cash seized from truck near Joplin

State troopers seized $600,000 in cash in plastic-wrapped bundles from a semitrailer near Joplin, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said.

Talking business with Ron Hawkins

A Q & A with the general manager of AMF Town and Country bowling lanes.

New restrictions placed on transportation of silver carp

Importing live silver carp into the United States or transporting the invasive species across state lines will be illegal later this summer.

Sickle cell testing for athletes increases

Representatives from the NCAA, physicians and medical experts reviewed evidence of sickle cell trait deaths as part of a special task force for the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Religious freedom under attack

Attacks on humanism, whether secular or sectarian, is on the rise and we, as Americans of religion or of heresy, should be very angry.

Wild about the world

Children at the Southern Boone County library watched transfixed as a snowy owl appeared and magically transformed the evil proprietor into a tree frog, then a seal, a penguin, a whale and, in a final irony, a snowy owl. Being transformed into these animals teaches Captain Moredough the “miracle life” that each animal possesses.

Bushels full of nothing

During a good harvest, Bruce Arnett, his wife, Judy, and their six children begin work at 4:30 a.m. to pick and sell hundreds of pounds of peaches.

County firefighters head off to battle Western blazes

The Boone County Fire Protection District has sent five firefighters to battle the blazes in the western United States.

Planned Parenthood plans to protest bill

Planned Parenthood volunteers and activists are protesting the recent signing of Missouri House Bill 1055, which would limit surgical abortion services available in Columbia unless significant upgrades are made to the facility.

New state Web site lets users see how tax dollars are spent

Gov. Matt Blunt announced a new online database, called the Missouri Accountability Portal, or MAP, on Wednesday, that lets residents view how the state spends its tax revenues and pays its bills. The site address is

Bearden resigns House seat for job as education advocate

JEFFERSON CITY — Republican Rep. Carl Bearden, the No. 2 ranking member in the Missouri House, resigned Thursday to take an advocacy job in which he could end up lobbying his former colleagues on education issues.

Missouri duck population rises

An improvement in breeding grounds has caused a significant increase in this year’s duck population.

The number of ducks expected for the fall migration is up 14 percent from last year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported Thursday.

Broadway plans presented

Medians restricting left turns into private driveways and side streets off West Broadway were among suggestions presented to the Columbia City Council at Thursday night’s work session to alleviate congested traffic.

Fraternity looks to turn empty house into apartments

MU fraternity Alpha Gamma Sigma’s alumni association has asked the city of Columbia for planned commercial zoning and development approval for its newly acquired property on Rollins Street.