Smoke alarm saves Columbia couple and their poodle; 50th wedding anniversary celebration can go on

After a long day spent preparing for their 50th wedding anniversary, a Columbia couple awoke early Saturday morning to blaring smoke alarms. According to a news release from the Columbia Fire Department, a fan had sparked a fire in the basement.

Watching the school board is a group effort by journalists, citizens

Missourian reporters Kendra Lueckert and Jewels Phraner on Wednesday tried to meet one of journalism’s higher callings — holding your government accountable — with a story about school district officials’ decision on where to place Columbia’s third major high school.

Enjoy your night with Columbia band The Hatrick

The Hatrick members make it a point to include songs from other groups they admire in their sets and even view their band as a “kind of promotional tool for a lot of good talent that’s around,” said Kay, whose favorite song to play is “12-inch Three-Speed Oscillating Fan” by Big Smith of Springfield. In many instances, the group invites members of other bands to sit in and play for a night.

Sock monkeying around

For Melanie Johnson-Moxley, “playing monkey” is an everyday thing. A doctoral student in philosophy at MU, Johnson-Moxley makes sock monkeys for fun. Her passion began when friends introduced her to the Red Heel Message Board, devoted to sock monkeys.

Divine Driving

When the Vatican released “Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road” — a kind of Ten Commandments of driving that instructs Catholics to incorporate religious morals into their daily commutes.

This is the story of the Rabbi and the Minister

The story of the rabbi, Yossi Feintuch, and the minister, John Yonker, began just a few years ago, when the rabbi’s son was hit by a car and badly injured. Yonker, of Columbia’s First Christian Church, picked up the phone to say his family was praying for the Feintuchs.