Boone County Fair draws large crowd despite rain

Despite a little rain, the Boone County Fair still saw a large crowd as it hosted various events Friday evening.

Artrageous Friday brings art to the people

Pedestrians on South Ninth Street were treated to a colorful array of landscapes and abstracts Friday evening, all courtesy of plain old sidewalk chalk and some enterprising local artists. Long-time professional artist Paul Jackson hovered on hands and knees over what looked in its early stages to be a sunset scene, bathing the sidewalk in front of the Columbia Art League in stunning oranges, pinks and corals.

A question of acceptance

Kyle Hawkins had just spent another 20 minutes or so being interviewed on his cell phone, talking once more about the issues that have made him an unintentional trailblazer.

NFL decides not to be sporting about journalists at pro events

The big leaguers in the newspaper industry — associations with acronyms and memberships of top editors — have been sending letters of protest to the NFL this summer. The fuss: new rules.

The growing Mormon church

When the LDS — also known as the Mormon church — first came to Fulton in 1979, there were 43 members, representing 12 families. Today, the Fulton ward numbers nearly 400.

I shoulda known: Nobody’s perfect

I’ve been beating myself up pretty good lately for not getting everything done. And what I have done hasn’t been done as well as I’d like it to be.

A taste of flamenco

Full of tradition and passion, flamenco has gained worldwide popularity in the past couple of decades. But understanding its origin is only the beginning when learning flamenco. It is a combination of rhythm, movement and song that make flamenco more than a regional Spanish dance; it is a way of life.