Police cancel firing range plans after hearing community concerns

The Columbia Police Department took neighbors' wishes into account in the planning stages of a multi-million training facility, Capt. Mike Martin said.

Five-hour standoff in Columbia ends peacefully, suspect arrested

COLUMBIA - A five-hour standoff Tuesday night between police and a man who allegedly hid a bomb in a fourplex house ended without incident after the man surrendered.

State senator switches parties but declines to announce bid for higher office

COLUMBIA — Sen. Chris Koster announced Wednesday that he was switching from the Republican to the Democratic Party, as he prepares for a likely run for attorney general.

Former head of public defender's office pleads guilty to marriage scam

ST. LOUIS - The former head of the state public defender's office in St. Louis has pleaded guilty to federal charges of arranging a sham marriage to keep his boyfriend in the U.S.

Teens charged with kidnapping pregnant woman, planning to cut baby from womb

KANSAS CITY - Two teenagers were charged Tuesday with kidnapping and assault after they allegedly kidnapped a pregnant woman and held her in a motel room until one of the suspects left the room and alerted police.

Few blockbusters, but plenty of movement at trading deadline

Royals unload Dotel, Cards acquire Piniero in baseball moves. Rangers trade away first baseman Teixeira, closer Gagne in separate deals.

Feast and famine, but Royals lose

Carlos Silva usually sleeps until 1 p.m. when he’s pitching later that night, but trade-deadline anxiety had him up four hours earlier to turn on the television for updates.

Veteran receiver, 34, looks after his body

Wide receiver Isaac Bruce, a second-round pick in 1994 before the team’s final season on the West Coast, heads into his 14th season coming off a very productive year.

Chiefs to pick QB: Croyle or Huard?

When it comes to developing front-line starting quarterbacks, the Kansas City Chiefs are 0-forever.

Cardinals slide past Pirates after Paulino drops two balls

The St. Louis Cardinals climbed back into the NL Central race by twice rallying from big deficits against Milwaukee last weekend. The Pittsburgh Pirates should have known better than to give them a second chance.

Negativists fail to see real America

As a retiree who is enjoying his twilight years — if that downhill side of life can be deemed idyllic — I have a lot of time on my hands. Having little interest in creative hobbies, i.e. watercolors, stamp or coin collecting, scrapbooking or taking naps, I find myself instead watching, listening to and reading the opinions of others provided by the normal media outlets.

Right-turn-only island removed from MU campus intersection

The controversial right-turn-only island at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and Rollins Street was removed Monday.

Helicopter crashes in Columbia field, pilot suffers minor injuries

COLUMBIA-A helicopter crashed into a grassy field in north Columbia on Tuesday afternoon. The helicopter crashed while taking off around 1 p.m. Tuesday near a landing pad.

Man being sued for investment scams files for bankruptcy

A man being sued in civil court in connection with several investment scams filed for bankruptcy Friday in an attempt to settle nine fraud claims made against him.

Police unsure how Columbia man sustained gunshot wound to the foot

Police aren’t sure exactly what happened in northwest Columbia on Tuesday morning, but an 18-year-old man ended up in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the foot.

Bocce brotherhood

Bob Stephens, 65, and Harry Besleme, 30, both of Columbia, are playing bocce, an ancient game made popular in Italy. They meet twice a week to prepare for the Special Olympics World Games in China this fall.

Fuji Sauna worker receives sentence

Boone County Associate Circuit Court Judge Larry Bryson sentenced Jin Lan Paio on Tuesday to 30 days in jail and a $200 fine for prostitution. Bryson then suspended Paio’s jail sentence but ordered that she not be on the premises of Fuji Sauna.

Landlords now responsible for tenant parties

COLUMBIA-Starting today, if landlords are unable to keep their tenants from having loud parties night after night, they’ll lose the right to rent those apartments or houses.

City asks for closer bond with schools

Columbia officials want to establish closer ties with Columbia Public Schools after feeling excluded from the decision to locate a high school three miles east of the city limits.

Watkins calls city’s workforce his number one priority

When City Manager Bill Watkins outlined the proposed budget for fiscal 2008, he relied on the motto “first things first” to prioritize needs. For Watkins, the first priority in the year’s tight budget is the city workforce.