Proper structures can extend growing season

As much as gardeners love to be outside working in their gardens, only a few like the heat and humidity — and insects — of the summer garden here in Missouri. And while there is always great expectation and enthusiasm for gardening as spring springs out, there is also something to be said for fall gardening if one can handle its unique problems.

Dump truck accident shuts down Stadium Boulevard

A traffic crash at Old Highway 63 and Stadium Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon closed the road and left a car mired in dirt.

Proposed budget unveiled

City Manager Bill Watkins on Tuesday unveiled a proposed budget for fiscal 2008 that calls for spending a total of $362.8 million, up 10.6 percent from this year. Despite the increased spending, Watkins said lagging sales tax growth has forced administrators to “tighten city government belts.”

Teens of Expression

Americans of every generation have to discover who they are and what they stand for. Coming to grips with their own reality and finding their place is a recurring rite of passage. Expression, in all of its forms, has been the means individuals have used so that they might define their time, instead of letting their time define them.

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together In the Cafeteria?

It’s a proven fact that most students self-segregate based on race. Don’t Believe me? Go look. Black kids sit with Black kids. White kids with White kids. Latinos with Latinos. But why? This is 2007! Shouldn’t we be past this by now? Why can’t we be totally integrated without compulsion?