Lemons in roadway

Hundreds of halved and already-squeezed lemons were scattered in the right-hand lane at the intersection of Broadway and Sixth Street on Monday morning.

A good time freshly picked

Sunday's Tomato Fest was put on by Big Canoe, which operates a sustainable teaching garden on Sanford Avenue to raise awareness and funds for the group’s educational mission.

Columbia police search for robbery suspect

Columbia police on Monday were looking for a man they said robbed a north Columbia convenience store Sunday evening. Anyone with information about the robbery should call CrimeStoppers, 874-8744.

Super Teen

Super Teen is a recent offshoot of the Super Farmer competition. Teens between years old who are entered other competitions at the fair — from the cookie contest to a steer competition — can enter.

A growing family

It was 13 years ago when Olivet Christian Church expanded to meet the needs of its ever-changing congregation and built a second multi-functional church next to the original one-room sanctuary.

Now the church, whose membership has doubled over the past decade, is again discussing plans for a bigger and more modern building.

Openness an issue in selecting Mo. judges

In recommending a successor for Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White, the judicial selection commission gave no public notice of its meetings, and has refused requests to publicly release its records.

Electric issues likely caused deadly blaze

Electrical problems appeared to have contributed to a house fire that claimed the lives of six family members.

Sunlight used to fuel irrigation

An experiment by the Cape Girardeau County office of the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service is capturing the power of sunlight to provide fuel for irrigation. So far, the results have exceeded expectations.

New groundhog eating habits puzzle biologists

Wildlife biologists this summer were puzzled when reports started coming in about the bark being stripped off trees high above the ground.

In the heat, a few creature comforts

Construction workers, ballplayers and postal carriers: Don’t complain to Bud about the heat. He lives and works in this weather 24 hours a day.

In Congo, a youthful system of justice

With government institutions, including the courts, hobbled by decades of corruption and neglect, one of the few bodies still reliably administering justice is a parliament run by, and mostly for, children.

A new year, a new home

The hallway around Hillary Mullin’s dorm room Sunday afternoon was filled with the clutter of plastic bags of clothes, boxes of toiletries and a few big items, including a fuchsia-edged mirror and personal ironing board.

Mighty Mississippi inspires author and clean-up crusader

His favorite genre being nonfiction, Barrow, a freelance writer, wanted to write about actual people and their experiences. But his desire to tell someone’s story remained just that — until he met Chad Pregracke.

Chinese-made car tires recalled

A nationwide recall of about 255,000 Chinese-made tires was announced by Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon on Thursday.

Gunman kills 3 at church

A gunman opened fire in the sanctuary of a southwest Missouri church Sunday, killing three people and wounding several others, authorities said.

Lack of clear solution for Kosovo

Our discussion today is about a crisis that some experts say began 20 years ago this month with a speech in the Field of Blackbirds, where in 1389 a Serbian army lost to an Ottoman army but where 20 years ago a man named Slobodan Milosevic declared the unity, the independence and the pride of Yugoslavia.

Teaching the Bible without preaching

There is broad agreement across the social, political and religious spectrum and, most important, the Supreme Court, that the Bible can be taught in public schools and that knowledge of the Bible is vital to students’ understanding of literature and art.

Man to photograph Boonvilles across U.S.

For the next four weeks Boonville locals may see a young man sitting at the Fredrick Hotel typing on his computer or walking, biking or driving around the city’s streets with a camera in hand.

Heat advisory issued for next three days

Today’s heat index, which is the combination of the temperature and the humidity, is expected to soar as high as 107 degrees.

Burnett handles Royals’ hitters

Now that A.J. Burnett has rejoined a rotation that includes Roy Halladay, the Toronto Blue Jays believe they are poised for improvement, and they’re only 6 1/2 games out of the wild card.