A week at the fair

Nixon site to list all recalled products

After a massive toy recall earlier this week, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon has launched a Web site to serve as a recall clearinghouse, combining information from several federal agencies.

Program tries to end attitudes that spark domestic violence

Men Exploring Non-violent Directions, or MEND, is one of the Family Counseling Center's many outpatient programs.

BOONE LIFE: Easy riders

When it comes to zipping around town, two wheels are better than four if you ask the founding members of the Scooter Sirens, Columbia’s only motor scooter club.

School year introduces new country to students

Many new international students have to make adjustments after they land in Columbia. And their numbers are growing.

City expected to receive grant to add more recycling bins at businesses

To expand the number of recycling bins, the Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District will award Columbia a $4,000 grant requiring a matching city grant of $1,333.

World markets face uncertainty

We’re going to try to make some sense out of the so-called credit crunch or drop in stock markets around the world.

Bush makes mess in Middle East

It looks like President George W. Bush is going to leave the Iraq mess for our next president. He has opened up Pandora’s box in the Middle East and doesn’t know how to close it. His only answer is to stay the course.

Graduate application numbers rise at MU

Zack Odem, a first-year graduate student at MU, has hopes of becoming an executive at a major company.

Seven score and two years later, Lincoln’s facial defects revealed

According to recent research, perhaps not all men, our nation’s 16th president included, were blessed with equal levels of health.

Broadway’s new aesthetic

Businesses along Broadway are finally looking the way Carrie Gartner envisioned a year ago when the last pieces of the downtown canopy came down.

Abortion clinics look to halt bill

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri filed a federal lawsuit in Jefferson City on Monday that would block a bill that would temporarily prevent its clinics from performing abortions.

Brown brings size to right tackle competition

While Colin Brown hasn’t seen much playing time in his three years on the roster, he now finds himself vying with Dain Wise for the starting right tackle position. The right tackle position is the only position still in question, which is a testament to the skills of both Brown and Wise. Even though the starter hasn’t been named, the prospects of having a tandem of tackles over 6-feet-7 tall have left Chase Daniel excited about his protection in the pocket.