Shooting on a hot day at Finger Lake State Park

It's a nice day at Finger Lake State Park, and Erich Petzall is spending it doing something he enjoys. It might not be your idea of a typical day in the park, but according to Petzall, "There is no better way to spend a perfect day like this than firing guns at a place like this, it's a beautiful place."

August 2007 Fourth Hottest Ever

With an average daily temperature of 82.8 degrees, Aug. 2007 is the fourth hottest month on record.

Fair to provide health tests for dogs

The All Breed Health Fair and Fun Day will offer a variety of health tests for dogs on Sept. 8 at the Columbia Canine Sports Center.

Online scalpers gouge Elton John tickets

Scalpers flood the Internet with tickets for Elton John’s upcoming concert, but bidders are not yet willing to pay the elevated prices.

Water main break forces lane closure on Providence

A water main split Thursday night, leaking water onto Providence Road and forcing the closure of one of its northbound lanes.

Council to consider raising video franchise fee

Public access cable supporters have been lobbying City Council to increase the fee to provide more money for their channel and studio. An ordinance that would do so has finally been drafted.

Hickman uniforms find second life in South Africa

On a grass and dirt soccer field in the Transkei region of South Africa, two teams of AIDS orphans take the pitch these days in Hickman High School colors.

Period props and decorations needed for movie set in 1950s Boonville

Production Designer Bob Hummell is looking for a park bench, a dictaphone and a street shoeshine stand among other items for a new film.

Tour of Missouri: The hills

Although Missouri’s course doesn’t have the peaks and valleys of the Tour de France, elevation still plays a role in the race.

Residents curb car usage for 'Low-Car' challenge

Columbians are sacrificing their cars for an entire month as part of the Low-Car Diet Challenge, sponsored by PedNet and Ragtag Cinemacafe.

Tour of Missouri: The riders

The Tour of Missouri will bring with it 120 athletes, several of which are world-class cyclists.

Tour of Missouri

Arrive early to pin down a spot at the finish line of the Tour of Missouri pro cycling race. There will be a host of activities in front of the Boone County Courthouse before the bright colors of jerseys streak through the streets of Columbia on Sept. 14.

Tour of Missouri: The course

The upcoming Tour of Missouri features six stages that show off the best of Missouri’s urban and rural settings. The tour is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Sept. 11 in Kansas City’s famed Plaza District.

Tour of Missouri: The teams

There are 15 teams participating in the invitation-only Tour of Missouri. Ten are based in the U.S. There are eight riders per team, for a total of 120 riders in the race.

Tour of Missouri: The gear

The bikes may not look that different, but they are beyond ordinary. From the parts to the construction, the frame to the wheels, it’s all top notch — and the price shows it.

Roots 'n 'Blues 'n BBQ reaches elementary students

Boone County National Banke is bringing T.J. Wheeler to Grant Elementary to teach students about the blues. A core group of students from the school will perform at the Roots 'n Blues 'n BBQ Festival.

FDA announces news rules for listing the contents of vitamins and supplements

New regulations are designed to ensure products do not contain contaminants or impurities, and that packages are accurately labeled.

Film 'September Dawn' sparks controversy in Mormon communities

The independently financed film takes a look at the Mountain Meadows Massacre as the 150th anniversary approaches.

As war's toll rises, who at home is paying attention?

As local war opponents and a soldier’s family search for answers on Iraq, many questions fall on closed ears.

Diplomacy is emerging in North Korea situation

The use of diplomacy instead of military strength in North Korea could lead to better relations.