Fathers fight for futures of children

The Loneliest Road riders, from left, Kevin Sims, Mike Love, Rick St. John, Vander Davis, Alec Oughton and Randy Monroe pose Sept. 9 in Sacramento, Calif.

Seven fathers of children diagnosed with a rare cancer are cycling 3,700 miles across the country to raise money for a more effective treatment of the disease.

“Frat pit” off-limits Saturday, police say

The area at the corner of Champions Drive and Providence Road, a popular tailgating spot for fraternity members known as “frat pit,” has been closed, and it has created a stir in MU’s Greek community.

Room for more in Head Start

The preschool program has spaces available in Boone, Howard and Moniteau counties.

Cage fighters brawl at Battle of the Blue Note III

The Midwest Fight League presented a competition Friday for the welterweight title.

Replanting Afghanistan

This fall, Capt. Doug Dunlap of the Guard will lead a team of four or five guardsmen to Afghanistan to lay the groundwork for a pilot project designed to effect a sea change in the agriculture industry.

Five ideas: Major issues that have come up in the public discourse this past week

This week's topics include First Ward filing, activism over alcohol, energy experiment, open government and sites for new school.

Part of the herd and leader of the pack

Rewarding thought processes and life experiences is important because it helps a person feel included and gives them the confidence to stand out.

Fifth West Nile case reported in Boone County

So far, one more case of the virus has been reported this year than in 2006, when four cases were reported in the county.

Former Missouri soccer player dies in car accident

Meggie Malm, a former Missouri soccer player, died Thursday afternoon in a car accident.

Clydesdale breeding farm begins to take shape in Cooper County

Traffic has more than doubled near Overton as construction of a Budweiser Clydesdale breeding facility gets under way.

Event asks Columbia residents to eat local

The Columbia Localvore Challenge will test if participants can eat locally-produced food for one week.

Belief in brief: Calvinists believe God has decided whom to save

Calvinists often summarize their faith into the acronym TULIP

Spoken word rocks the house at MU

Spoken word poetry, a growing form of youth expression, takes a new approach to something many have enjoyed for a long time.

Islamic televangelist preaches compromise, coexistence

Amr Khaled, known as the "anti-bin Laden," is stirring up controversy with his feel-good, upbeat form of Islam focused on coexistence.

School of Music gets new faculty

Two of MU’s ensembles-in-residence have new members this year. Susan Jensen has joined the Esterhazy Quartet, and Bill Mann has joined the Faculty Brass Quintet.

Rabbi Yossi Feintuch talks about why he likes Columbia and a few of his favorite things

Yossi Feintuch, who grew up in Israel, is the rabbi of Congregation Beth Shalom. He talks about why he likes Columbia and his favorite aspects of Judaism.

Reporters' efforts help open a process that shouldn't have been closed

The Columbia School Board has learned that choosing a high school site in secret doesn’t always generate the best site and can lead to a public backlash.

Speaking with ‘one voice’ silences important discussion

Public bodies that only give the party line are dangerous to the health of meaningful talk in our town.

Forte at Faurot

The chance to play with Marching Mizzou in front of 50,000 fans will give high school bands an experience they won’t soon forget

MU football: The Name Game

The Name Game: Six Missouri football players go by aliases. Can you match the player and real name.