Family circus rolls into Columbia

Joey Kelly and his family come to town to read at the Columbia Public Library to and perform at the Blue Note.

Women in journalism

Columbia resident faces arson charge after house fire

The fire caused smoke and water damage to an apartment in the building.

Now and Then: Examining women in journalism

The National Women and Media Collection at MU is turning 20. Female journalists examine where they have been and where they are now.

Decision to hold back names not taken lightly

The Missourian is in the business of revealing, not concealing. So you deserve to know more about our rationale for withholding names twice in the last two weeks.

Brawl breaks out near Douglass Park

The fight Thursday night reportedly involved between 40 and 200 people.

Hidden costs of bottled water lead to discouraged consumption

Low recycling rates and millions of gallons of oil needed to produce and transport the bottles makes tap water all the more appealing.

Mo. official announces recall of nine more Chinese-made toys

High levels of lead paint were found in several of the recalled toys.

Jury duty scam leads to identity theft

Callers posing as court employees are threatening arrest for failure to show up for jury duty.

Bike Ramble to be held Saturday

The YouZeum Starlight Bike Ramble will begin Saturday, with early registration at 6 p.m. and the bike ride starting at 8 p.m.

Chamber taps former employee for executive VP post

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce added the new position as part of a plan to increase high-tech jobs in the city.

Spill it: Get to know this KOMU weatherman

Anthony Slaughter, 22, talks about his work as a weather forecaster in Columbia.

Hand-painted ceramics sweeping away stress

Painting pottery can be a new way to relieve stress and requires no artistic background.

Fun Fall Festivities

Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and wine tasting are just a few things to do with family and friends while the weather is still desirable.

Save calories on your next fast food splurge

Eating out and eating right don’t have to be mutually exclusive alternatives if you learn to swap out fast food favorites for their lighter counterparts.

What I hate

Pizza delivery guys dish on folks who don’t tip and the downside of their jobs.

What to do if ...

In a college town, you can go out on some bad dates. Columbians tell us what to do if you get stuck on a bad date.

Baptism welcomes believers into Christianity

The sacrament comes in many forms and, depending on one’s denomination, may be received as either an infant or adult.

Baha’i faith eases the tests that come with interracial marriage

The religion places an emphasis on commitments based in love for God rather than skin color or ethnicity.

Centralia driver's condition upgraded from serious to fair

A car collision on Route Z Thursday sends one driver to the hospital.