Tension between Carl Edwards and teammate showing again

Columbia’s Carl Edwards appeared to take issue with teammate Matt Kenseth after Sunday’s Nextel Cup race.

La Russa agrees to new contract with Cards

Tony La Russa will come back to manage the Cardinals and said he would like to see a decision made soon about the team’s general manager.

New Royals manager not concerned about doubters

Despite a lack of experience at the major league level, new Royals manager Trey Hillman says he is confident he’ll be able to handle the job.

Darfur speaker gives Sudanese conflict a human face

Sudanese refugee Abu Asal discussed details of the genocide in Darfur and suggested what western nations can do about it.

Nickens sentenced to 35 years

Donald Nickens, 31, was convicted of murder and armed criminal action in September and sentenced to a term of 25 years for second-degree murder and 10 years for armed criminal action.

Respite from the rain

Other state legislators offer support to Sen. Graham

Rep. Tom Burcham, the last Missouri legislator to be arrested for drunken driving, gave advice to Sen. Graham, who was arrested Saturday on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

County fire board creates panel to review salaries, supports half-cent sales tax

The Boone Fire Protection District created a five-person committee to review administrators’ salaries and formally supported a county road tax initiative on November’s ballot at its meeting Monday night.

Open forum involves MU faculty in salary discussion

Faculty members asked questions and vented frustrations at an open forum designed to address salary needs in light of MU’s strained budget.

UM System interim president outlines student loan policies

Four of the student loan provisions comprise the attorney general’s Code of Conduct. The code prohibits kickbacks to schools, requires information disclosures about preferred lenders and limits school employees’ participation on lender advisory boards.

University of Missouri adds Executive Order on Student Lending Practices

A news release from the University of Missouri about the addition of a executive order on student lending practices.

Redistricting forums to be held at elementary schools

Open forums will be held this week to discuss redistricting concerns over the addition of another elementary school to Columbia.

Hulshoff should have voted to override president's veto

Last Thursday our representative had a chance to show independence from the president on an issue that has the overwhelming support of the American people and especially the people of Columbia.

Local manufacturer known as a thorough provider in the barbecue business

Spicewine Ironworks sells smokers as well as spices, sauces and peanuts

Student reminds me: No room for insensitivity in newspapers

Oil company sponsoring energy forum Wednesday

ConocoPhillips brings its Conversation on Energy tour to Columbia to discuss secure and reliable energy alternatives with residents.

MU business school renamed in honor of donor

A large donation sparks decision for school to be renamed. The new name is expected to enhance the school's reputation.

Dressing sexy doesn’t justify rape

When I read an article in which a professor of psychology is quoted as stating that wearing these costumes “can be an invitation to trouble”, I get a little riled up.

MU’s Greek houses desperately need better fire protection

Columbia’s lawmakers need to make fire safety at fraternities and sororities a higher priority.

Blessed are the animals

Unity Center of Columbia’s ministry offers blessings, memorials and end-of-life services for pets.