Bruins' football season ends on low note

The Rock Bridge football team lost their final game of the season 48-28 to Oak Park on Friday at Rock Bridge Field.

Missouri volleyball team holds off Baylor

The last thing the Missouri volleyball team needed was a long match against Baylor on Friday after playing five games in a loss to No. 2 Nebraska on Wednesday. But that is exactly what they got.

Health department investigates lead in monkey bite case

The department received a call Friday morning with a tip that Libby Brozovich of Springfield owned the monkey, said Diedre Wood, a spokeswoman for the department.

Sights of a small farm trade show

The National Small Farm Trade Show and Conference is the largest annual small farm show in the United States and hosts a number of vending booths, live stock displays, sheepdog shows, farming equipment, demonstrations and more.

No charges filed yet against Sen. Graham

No drunken driving charges had been filed against Sen. Chuck Graham as of Friday.

Group discusses challenges of increasing diversity at MU

Threats to a diverse campus, according to one diversity officer, include systemic oppression of minorities, political influences, and legislative, judicial and executive actions.

Environmental concerns could delay Taum Sauk restoration

On Friday, a St. Louis environmental advocacy group announced its intention to sue over what it called the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s failure to properly monitor the reconstruction project.

Reporting that serves the good of the people

The Missourian’s standard, which requires detailed descriptions of criminal suspects before publication, is needed to serve the public the right way.

Understand your goals and go for them

The key to happiness is keeping your personal goals alive instead of worrying about other people’s goals for you.

Famous Last Words

How well do you know the final utterances of some of the most well-known figures?

Columbia’s top-selling wines named by store managers

Local wine connoisseurs and store managers spill about their shop’s best-selling wine.

What to do with too much Halloween candy

You probably have more candy than you need.

Medicaid program offers ‘coaches’ to nurse chronic ailments

MO HealthNet, a federal Medicaid program, allows low-income patients with various chronic illnesses to access health care coaches.

Single in the country

Proximity is the best predictor of friendship, so life on the farm can feel lonely. Community groups and Web sites offer farmers an opportunity to meet new people.

Spill it: A conversation with skeet shooter Haley Dunn

The MU senior says she was “doomed” to be a skeet shooter, and now she’s an Olympic hopeful.

Columbians share their fears

In the wake of the Halloween holiday, residents reveal their top anxieties.

North Columbia robbery is 13th in three months

Two armed suspects robbed a Casey’s General Store on Thursday. It was the second time in three months the store had been robbed.

Artist Rex Bandy is on an Ugly Crusade

Rex Bandy, who has been an artist for over 70 years, hopes to recapture the slowly fading beauty of the world through art.

Mid-Missouri gets new youth orchestra

Columbia now has two youth orchestras that offer performance opportunities.

Belief in Brief: Imprecatory prayer called against leaders of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Southern Baptist pastor encourages the wrathful prayer after being accused of endorsing Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee.