Three morning water main breaks are unrelated

One break has already been repaired, and the other two should be completed by 11 a.m. Wednesday

U.S. torture practices need to end

The controversies over waterboarding and the torture of Abu Ghraib prisoners are indicative of a much larger culture of torture in the American CIA and military.

Gardeners use science to measure taste

Devotees of the Brix scale think it is the most accurate indicator of the flavor of produce.

Billboards pollute Missouri’s natural beauty

The advertisements in the “billboard jungle” along Interstate 70 are unsightly and sometimes distasteful.

Missouri should protect its parks from smelly farms

A former director of Missouri’s Division of Tourism says large factory farms threaten tourism to the state’s parks.

Eminent domain law needs revision

Missouri requires a consitutional amendment to improve the protection of private property.

Outage hits customers along Providence, Business Loop

A breaker problem may have caused a power outage Wednesday morning that affected 800 to 850 customers along Providence Road and Business Loop 70, according to the Columbia Water and Light Department.