Green Christmas: Give an animal

What says, "you make my holidays brighter" better than the gift of a water buffalo?

A Season to Remember

This college football season was inconceivable.

Appalachian State upset Michigan. Notre Dame won only three games. A sophomore won the Heisman Trophy for the first time. And Missouri played Kansas with the No. 1 ranking in the nation at stake.

The Tigers prevailed, claiming the top spot in the polls for the first time since 1960. Chase Daniel showed up in sports fans’ mailbox, gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. Fans started to plan trips to New Orleans for the national title game. But Oklahoma forced everyone to cancel their reservations, dominating the Tigers in the Big 12 Conference Championship.

Such a story would have seemed absurd in August, like Nebraska giving up 76 points to Kansas.

But it did happen, and here’s how …

Man indicted on charges of shooting former brother-in-law

William P. Clinch, 37, will be arraigned on Monday after a grand jury indicted him on charges stemming from the killing of his former brother-in-law.

Columbia police looking for armed robbery suspects

Two men alledgedly took money from a man in front of his Garth Avenue apartment building. One of the men was armed with a shotgun, police say.

Retiring in a college town

Bob and Mary Lu Parks are, in many ways, a typical Columbia couple. During the week, they attend lectures on campus. When the weekend arrives, they might go to the symphony or cheer on the women’s gymnastics team at a local meet. On Sundays, they attend worship services at the First Presbyterian Church.

Graham pleads guilty to DWI

State Sen. Chuck Graham pleaded guilty Friday morning and issued a statement saying he learned a “life-altering lesson.”

Think 'me first' for a successful life

Saving 10 percent for yourself will maximize your life in the long run.

Man leads Columbia police on car chase

After fleeing through central and north Columbia before finally driving into a dead end, a Blue Springs man was arrested on suspicion of several charges, including possession of marijuana.

Meet martial arts instructor Kathy Freeman

The self-proclaimed lifetime student explains her love of the discipline.

Snow accumulation likely

Columbia is likely to have snow accumulation through the weekend, with a 90 percent chance of snowfall late Friday and early Saturday.

Belief in Brief: Tracing the Christmas tree tradition

For those who celebrate Christmas, the Christmas tree is as much a part of the holiday as Santa Claus. But how the tradition of decorating evergreen trees began isn’t so clear.

Hindu priest serves as keeper of family histories

Ashish Sharma Pawan's handwritten records of 2,500 Hindu families date back 144 years.

Schedule of MU graduations

MU’s Winter Commencement ceremonies will take place Friday through Sunday at various locations around campus.

Report on MU professors’ salaries show new possibilities of reporting

The computer-assisted, comprehensive analysis represents the future of the newsroom at the same time the old Missourian presses get taken away.