A tiny Christmas miracle in the form of a winter perennial

From Biblical times and ancient Greece, the Hellabore flower is among the most storied flowers around.

Christmas Eve tradition bring families back to Booche’s

Christmas Eve is one of the busiest days of the year for Booche’s, co-owner Richard Robertson said.

Fruitcake is a slice of heaven

Like their brethren elsewhere, the Trappist monks of Assumption Abbey are a quiet bunch. Then fruitcake season hits. The people of the noisy world want a piece of the monks’ handiwork: a rum-soaked, fruit-stocked cake so dense its weight defies its size.

Engravings used to track stolen electronic devices

Columbia police say now is the best time for owners of electronic devices to have them engraved to deter thieves.

Shelters continue to operate on Christmas

In Columbia, organizations such as the St. Francis Homeless Shelter cater to the needy. Its mission is no different on Christmas Day.

Former elementary school principal files for seat on board

Rosie Tippin said experience will be her primary asset; Darin Preis says he plans to seek re-election.

Remembering childhood Christmases through songs of the season

Music is an integral part of the Christmas season; it has a way of entrancing listeners and connecting them to Christmases of the past.

Like mother, like daugthers, all five of them, as they take on Christmas spirit

This Christmas, five sisters will remember their mother by remembering others. The Williams sisters are spreading good will by making and delivering Christmas baskets to elderly residents of Columbia.

Animals in the classroom program enhances science lessons

The "critters program," which lets students observe animals and care for them gives science class something extra, and teachers hope it will be long remembered by the students.

Churches should find better ways to use mission money

In this Christmas season, neighborhood churches should do more to reinforce our values than attract youthful congregations.

Defense bolsters MU men's basketball team

It seems like with each game, the MU men's basketball team is adding a new wrinkle to its defensive scheme.

Church opens doors for Christmas celebration with international flavor

On Sunday, American and international families gathered at the International Community Church to sing carols in different languages, enjoy exotic food, watch a movie about the origin of Christmas and celebrate homeland traditions.

Pinkel gets $550,000 raise and contract extension

MU Coach Gary Pinkel's new contract guarantees him $1.85 million a year. The raise marks the second season in a row that he has earned a pay raise.

Slow going

A winter snowstorm on Saturday made traveling in Columbia a bit slower than usual.

TREE: A gift to always return

By dropping your tree off at one of two city mulching sites, you can help give the gift of improved wildlife and plant habitat to the region.

A life in pipes

Henry Liu has spent his career learning to compress and transport solids, like coal, paper, and grass. That compression led him to a new product - an environmentally friendly brick.

Retired MU professor develops a brand new brick

Henry Liu, a former MU professor, is working to reinvent the brick. His invention, which won awards and attention nationally, is predicted to be environmentally friendly and cheaper than clay bricks.

Parents ambivalent about using video game ratings

Results of a research study show that most parents are unaware of how the video game rating system works and feel that they know little or nothing about it.

Group hopes to stem underage gambling

The Missouri Gaming Association is looking to raise awareness of underage gambling by offering scholarships to high school seniors. The 2008 contest, Project 21, is calling for student submissions in the form of articles, posters or videos addressing the issue of underage gambling.

A trip back in time

The souvenir shop off Interstate 70 offers items reminiscent of the ‘50s and ‘60s.