Blunt, Nixon compete to appear tough on illegal immigrants

Missouri’s gubernatorial candidates are competing in a one-up-manship contest to appear tough on illegal immigrants. But their attention to the issue may be disproportionate to the actual problem.

Family dispute leads to gunfire

A teenager was arrested Saturday on suspicion of firing a handgun into her mother’s home in central Columbia.

U.S.-Iran relations still tenuous

Whether the U.S. and Iran can repair its relationship is an open question despite recent developments.

Another Braggin' Rights game slips away from Tigers

After failing to get off a potentially game-winning shot in last year's loss, the MU men's basketball team was defeated again in the annual Braggin' Rights game against Illinois, making two costly turnovers in the final seconds.

Bruins, Kewpies post 16 state qualifying times at COMO Invitational

The Hickman and Rock Bridge girls swimmers competed against five schools from around Missouri at Saturday's meet.

The Lone Star connection: Tigers from Texas excited to play Cotton Bowl in home state

Under coach Gary Pinkel, Missouri has stepped up its recruiting efforts in Texas.

This Santa rides a Harley

Mid America Harley-Davidson built its own Santaland to introduce children and parents to a new type of Santa. Surrounded by motorcycles and chrome parts, this Santa Claus is bringing a warming message that breaks “biker” stereotypes.

Artist promises concept Columbia can embrace

Sculptor Howard Meehan is back to the drawing board after two city panels rejected his proposal for art at the new city hall.

Smoking ban research questioned

After Michael Pakko released an economic report attributing a 5 percent tax revenue decrease to the Columbia smoking ban, residents and media networks have been questioning the connection between the report and the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank.

Is your child asking too many questions about Santa? Experts weigh in with how to handle it

When kids begin to question if Santa Claus exists, parents struggle to find the right answer. Here are some pointers for answering their questions.

Liability insurance may become required by law for big events in city parks

The Parks and Recreation Department has required liability insurance for 15 to 20 years for large events in city parks. The City Council is looking to turn that policy into law.

Rock Bridge students walk for AIDS

A group of 21 Rock Bridge students and their teacher walked 21 miles, seeking pledges of $21 in support of Youth AIDS.

Green Christmas: gift wrap

Little-known fact: Wrapping paper and tissue paper are not recyclable. Here are some ideas for wrapping gifts in a more environmentally friendly way.

The Facebook way of life

The social networking site has become a big part of how college students keep in touch, waste time and have fun. But more important, perhaps, it has also developed into a powerful platform for them to broadcast — or shape — their personas.

Now is the time for giving — to the community

The topic at the recent community forum might have started out as being about crime in Columbia, but many in the audience thought the real issue is jobs. Closely linked to the economics is the need for more residents to be involved in finding solutions.

Five Ideas: What are your thoughts on these items in the news this week?

Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches — until kitty gets to them

For those cat owners who have seen their Christmas decorations destroyed, this carol is for you.

I Tried It: How to Make Puppy Chow

Whether it’s for friends and family, or a large party, puppy chow is a favorite treat to make this holiday season.

For the season of Advent, a renewal of the rite of confession

Between now and Christmas, Michael Flanagan, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Columbia, will once again see large numbers of parishioners lining up before the confessional. It’s the season of Advent, the time of repentance for Catholics as they prepare to celebrate the Nativity.

Penitents choosing online confessions over traditional church ritual

Like it has for just about everything else, the Internet has led to new trends in penance.

Web sites such as, run by a Protestant church in Florida, and, which arranges confessions based on the 10 Commandments, offer penitents a chance to forgive themselves through anonymous, online confessions.