Fans gather around Columbia to watch MU's bowl

Whether at family-oriented celebrations or among standing-room only crowds, fans gathered to cheer on the team.

Missouri defense finishes the job

The Missouri defense rises to the occaision

Temple gets carried away in Cotton Bowl

Tony Temple sets bowl record for touchdowns and yards gained.

COMMENTARY: Can Missouri Tigers build on history?

Is this year’s team the best ever?

It’s the first to win 12 games, besting the 1960 squad by one victory. That was the only other year when the Tigers were ranked No. 1.

Candidates make last-minute appeals in Iowa

Uplifting appeals largely replaced stinging insults Tuesday as Democratic and Republican candidates did the only thing left to do in Iowa races that are too close to call — encourage supporters to vote for them.

Missouri football fans crowd the Cotton Bowl

Missouri fans try to escape the cold before Tuesday's Cotton Bowl.

Brix reading predicts food flavor

A tool called a refractometer can predict the flavor of fruits and vegetables; however, gardeners are still trying to figure out how to increase that flavor.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tigers dominate at Cotton Bowl

A collection of images from the Tigers' trip to Dallas and ensuing victory against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 1.

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Final: Missouri 38, Arkansas 7

Ringing in the New Year