Obama, Huckabee come out on top in Iowa

Despite being behind in early polls, both Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee emerged victorious in the Iowa caucuses.

Diverse Obama supporters attend local watch party

A life-long Republican as well as the executive co-director of Black Women for Obama, gathered with about 15 other friends and supporters to watch the results of the Iowa Caucus at a home in north-central Columbia on Thursday night.

Woman doesn't mind living with pigs

Just outside of Rocheport, Nancy Shepherd has built and developed a “Piggy Palace” where she raises, trains, breeds and even adopts out potbellied pigs.

Columbia Police disband Violent Crimes Task Force

The Violent Crimes Task Force disbanded less than one month after its inception. Police say the officers needed to return to their job and look at other possibilities if crime continues to rise in Columbia.

Study ranks Missouri lottery as ninth best in U.S.

In a study by San Antonio professor Gerald Busald that was released Dec. 14, Missouri ranked ninth overall in the lottery's disclosure and fairness policies.

Bids accepted for Mick Deaver Memorial Drive extension

Although an extension of Mick Deaver Memorial Drive would alleviate traffic around MU’s sports venues, it has elicited criticism from environmental organizations.

Drop in DWI charges during holiday season may be deceiving

DWI charges over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays were down in 2007, but not necessarily because less people were breaking the law, Columbia Police said.

Four MU agricultural research programs to receive federal funds

Four MU agricultural programs could receive more than $4.7 million in federal funds as a result of the U.S. Sentate’s passing of the 2008 omnibus budget bill on Dec. 18.

Parks and Recreation to move major chunk of Recreation Services Division

Columbia’s Parks and Recreation Department is moving its office in charge of recreation programming for seniors from a location accessible by bus to a facility near Stephens Lake Park.

Appeals court ruling says public defenders can be sued

With its ruling, the appeals court overturned a Boone County judge's decision to dismiss a Missouri prisoner's lawsuit. The ruling is the first to address official immunity from legal action by former clients.

Governor wants tax incentives for ethanol sales

Gov. Matt Blunt says his initiatives would provide money to increase the number of Missouri gas stations that sell E-85 fuel.

Violent Crimes Task Force disbands

The task force has been credited with helping make 42 arrests during its nearly monthlong existence.

Cotton Bowl win can't stop<br>MU fans' Web complaints about BCS

Message board posts cheer TIgers' fantastic finale and bemoan lack of a BCS bowl bid

Hickman girls basketball team falls in OT