McDonald's at MU's Lowry Mall closing

Since May 1978, the McDonald’s in Lowry Mall has been a symbol of freedom from campus dorm food and 99-cent hamburger specials for MU students. But starting in June, the McDonald’s will be no more.

First case of influenza confirmed in Missouri

A southwest Missouri woman in her mid-20s culture-tested positive for the virus, according to Matthew Forester, a public health laboratory scientist at the State Public Health Laboratory.

Go ahead, live, it's worth it

This year consider making resolutions that bring you to life.

Columbia Access Television: Is the show over?

CAT's future could be an increase in funding and huge growth. Or it could go off the air entirely. A potential contract with the city could keep the station alive.

Prairie Home man survives trench collapse

A Prairie Home man is home from the hospital and the Boone County Fire Protection District said he is lucky to be alive after a construction trench in Sturgeon collapsed around him Thursday.

MU nursing student donates bone marrow to stranger

When she couldn't give blood, an MU nursing student gave even more — her bone marrow — to a complete stranger.

Virginia church attempts to include diverse flock

One Virginia church is attempting to make a wide range of members feel included — and it seems to be working

Columbia vocal coach still going strong at 80

Harry Morrison has built a legacy around helping singing voices sound easy. At 80, he is still teaching voice and directing a church choir.

Kansas defense surprises Virginia Tech in Orange Bowl

While their offense was stymied most of the night, the Jayhawks came up with three interceptions and beat Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl.