Residents ring in first year of smoking ban

People gathered at The Blue Note on Wednesday to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the smoking ban.

General Assembly begins 2008 legislative session

Here’s the contact information and a general run-down of the representatives’ bills and priorities for this session.

A nose for service

Named after a particularly spunky character in the Garfield comics, Odie is a 2-year-old Collie who earns his keep by working for Hunter, the youngest child of the Nichols family. He serves as an extra pair of eyes, or rather a nose, to sense Hunter’s needs and notify Hunter’s parents if something is wrong.

Blunt sued by former staff attorney

Gov. Matt Blunt was sued Wednesday by a former staff attorney who claims he was fired and defamed in retaliation for pointing out that Blunt's administration was destroying e-mails in violation of Missouri's open-records law.

Struggling sturgeon

The pallid sturgeon is in trouble. In fact, sturgeon species worldwide are in decline, largely because of the same set of man-made challenges. Only one species, the shovelnose sturgeon, has survived relatively unscathed.

MU estimates show more students on horizon

Enhanced recruiting strategies, more high school graduates, and the success of MU's football team are credited with a rise in applicants.

There's no justification for U.S. government spying on citizens

The U.S. government has a long history of domestic spying carried on by several agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Food prices expected to rise

If the 4 percent expected increase in food prices proves true for 2008, consumers will see the highest increase in food prices since 1990.

Mo. psychologists seek ability to prescribe drugs

A mental health coalition wants psychologists to be able to prescribe drugs.

Taum Sauk settlement ends state lawsuit

The settlement agreement will end all state demands for compensation from Ameren Corp.

Tigers make second-half comeback to down Kangaroos

After a relatively quiet first half, the inside forward tandem of Leo Lyons and DeMarre Carroll exploded at the outset of the second period.