Chief says fire at Grant Elementary School set intentionally

The Columbia Fire Department has determined that a fire at Grant Elementary School was set intentionally, but there are no suspects. Fire investigators are working with the Columbia Police Department’s major crimes unit and Columbia Public School officials on the investigation.

Gov. Blunt plans to seek $100,000 for State Historical Society of Missouri

The governor has promised $100,000 to the State Historical Society of Missouri, but the organization’s director is hoping for an additional $600,000 in state funding to start planning for a new building.

Growing up with music

What Kercy Main lacks in size he makes up for in his passion and talent for music.

What’s that smell? Neighbors complain that factory hog farms are ruining their ways of life

Since 2000, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has received more than 1,700 odor complaints against concentrated animal feeding operations, according to a Missourian analysis of records held by the state agency. But industry leaders say many complaints come from people opposed to factory farming, not because of excessive odor.

Faulty fireplace cited as cause of fire

Analysis: Where to look for early hints of how the caucuses are trending

Want an early hint how the Republican caucuses are going? Check Plymouth County on Thursday evening in remote northwest Iowa. Democrats might get an early take on their caucuses from Newton, a company town battered by the closing of Maytag Corp.’s big plant.

Missouri Republicans stumping for candidates in Iowa

Two of Missouri’s most prominent Republican lawmakers are spending time in Iowa this week to stump for candidates ahead of that state’s presidential caucuses.

Amen to separating politics and religion

The most annoying feature of this campaign is the obsession with the religious beliefs and philosophies of the candidates.

Fans gather around Columbia to watch MU's bowl

Whether at family-oriented celebrations or among standing-room only crowds, fans gathered to cheer on the team.

Missouri defense finishes the job

The Missouri defense rises to the occaision

Temple gets carried away in Cotton Bowl

Tony Temple sets bowl record for touchdowns and yards gained.

COMMENTARY: Can Missouri Tigers build on history?

Is this year’s team the best ever?

It’s the first to win 12 games, besting the 1960 squad by one victory. That was the only other year when the Tigers were ranked No. 1.

Candidates make last-minute appeals in Iowa

Uplifting appeals largely replaced stinging insults Tuesday as Democratic and Republican candidates did the only thing left to do in Iowa races that are too close to call — encourage supporters to vote for them.

Missouri football fans crowd the Cotton Bowl

Missouri fans try to escape the cold before Tuesday's Cotton Bowl.

Brix reading predicts food flavor

A tool called a refractometer can predict the flavor of fruits and vegetables; however, gardeners are still trying to figure out how to increase that flavor.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tigers dominate at Cotton Bowl

A collection of images from the Tigers' trip to Dallas and ensuing victory against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 1.

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Final: Missouri 38, Arkansas 7

Ringing in the New Year