Online graphic helps inform the reader

The morning after Super Tuesday, the Columbia Missourian ran an interactive graphic about how your neighbors voted.

Lake of the Ozarks upgrades emergency alert system

Camden County’s sheriff has become one of the first rural agencies nationwide to install a text message and e-mail warning system for emergencies such as severe weather, fire and traffic jams.

Nutritionists recommend sodium management for better health

Because Americans consume nearly twice the dietary guideline for sodium, consumer organizations and nutritionists are recommending that Americans regulate their sodium intake.

Speaker helps MU celebrate Black History Month

Michael Eric Dyson, author, professor and social critic, spoke to a nearly full audience at Jesse Auditorium on Thursday night to share his views on voting, black culture and other issues pertaining to black people in America.

Dedicated ensemble

Desiring music to be more than simply an outlet of expression, the Straws have created a musical world for their children with the intention of building self-discipline into their character.

MTV 'Made' comes to Columbia

A film crew from the MTV reality show “Made” was in downtown Columbia on Thursday afternoon to shop with a Rock Bridge High School teen who was the show’s focus.

Chinese New Year

Kirkwood gunman left suicide note, brother says

A gunman carrying a grudge against city hall left a suicide note on his bed warning “The truth will come out in the end,” before he went on a deadly shooting spree at a council meeting, his brother told The Associated Press on Friday.

Six dead after Kirkwood City Council shooting

A gunman with a history of acrimony against city leaders opened fire at a council meeting Thursday night, killing two police officers and three city officials before law enforcers fatally shot him, police said. A police news conference is scheduled for 10 a.m. today.

Committee takes parents' questions about school changes

Parents and others met with a district committee about closing Field Elementary School.