Fire in Fulton leaves resident, firefighters injured

An occupant who was renting the house and three firefighters were injured this morning.

Patients feel health care system’s pressure, too

Several problems plague the national health care system. Everyone feels the squeeze, but perhaps members of Congress need reminding.

Non-invasive cavity treatment being developed

University of Missouri researchers have been developing the “plasma brush” for more than two years.

Belief in brief: Angels as more than just Hollywood constructions

“Touched by an Angel,” “Dogma” and “City of Angels” all depict representations of angels. But as models of the spiritual, the religious and the miraculous, angels are not just movie creations.

State park's missing layers of history

The land at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is rich with layers of cultural history. Park staff are digging into the past to find clues about the area, and they hope community members can help them in preserving the park’s heritage.

Students prepare for night of song, dance and fashion from all around the world

Wearing shocking pink dresses with black velvet vests and sneakers, Jingqian Xu and Wendi Wong twisted, turned, waved and smiled, practicing for Saturday’s International Fashion show.