MU's director of financial success has resigned

Mark D. Oleson, MU’s director of the Office for Financial Success, has resigned in the wake of his arrest in January on suspicion of stealing more than $500 from the university, said Robert Weagley, chairman of personal financial planning at MU.

Columbia on fringe of next winter storm

Late Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service said Columbia should expect an inch of snowfall accumulation in the next 24 hours and Jefferson City could get 3 to 4 inches.

Missouri receives a B-plus on a national report card

The report lists Missouri among the highest performing states, behind only three states that earned A-minuses.

Religious background could offer link to state of education

The founding fathers were right to create the separation of church and state but who is responsible for disciplining children and funding their education in relation to religion?

Rockstars at Night: A look into the double lives of a band

Walt “Moon Dog” Goodman names two unifying characteristics of the members of Los Desterrados: “fanatical groove junkies and a fanatical interest in beer.”

But there is more to this group of guys than good music and drinking. When they aren’t playing blues and Latin music on stage, they’re saving lives, serving lattes, working with patients and doing social work.