Flooding risks loom across U.S.

WASHINGTON — Government forecasters said Thursday that the floods washing over large parts of the Midwest are just a taste of things to come, with one meteorologist complaining about a jet stream “on steroids.” While Boone County was spared major flooding from widespread rains earlier in the week, the ground remains laden with moisture.

Big 12 schedule begins Friday for MU softball

Lindsey Ubrun and Jen Bruck will lead the Tigers against Oklahoma State Friday at University field.

Sneed family thanks community for support

The Sneed family thanks the community, neighbors, firefighters and police and MU Health care for their support following the explosion of their parents’ home on McNab Drive.

Letter: Sturtz would not take City Council responsibility lightly

Paul Sturtz would make the voices of First Ward citizens heard if he were elected to City Council.

March is a telling month for MU women’s basketball

Now is the time for rooting for the teams that still have a chance to be champions — and to look at the teams that never had a hope of going to the tourney.

True HMOs could fix health care system

Americans choose unhealthy lifestyles, take no responsibility for consequences and health care costs continue to rise as a result.

Celebrating the first day of spring

Thursday is the first day of spring, and wants you to share your first images of spring flowers with readers like you.

On the Job: Landscape architect

Steve Saitta’s (pronounced Say-tah) transportation to work, a muddy mountain bike, leans against a map-covered wall of his office. On the opposite wall is a photomontage of Saitta’s life: old school pictures of his two now-grown sons, postcards of Arizona and Wisconsin, pictures of his family on vacation and nature photography. For the past 34 years, Saitta has been helping Columbia residents through his work as a landscape architect and park planner for the city. With the weather warming up, people are spending more time outdoors in the playscapes he creates.­