Malpractice suits and premiums down since 2005, Blunt says

Critics countered that many Missourians are declining to file medical malpractice suits because the lower cap on damages means that even if they win, most of the money will go to attorneys.

Budget writers OK responder radio plan

The radio system now used by the Missouri State Highway Patrol is about 50 years old.

Columbia TreeKeepers to give out trees for Arbor Day

Columbia TreeKeepers will give away seven hundred bare-root seedlings at the Activity and Recreation Center parking lot.

House: Pair teacher councils and districts on contract talks

It's an attempt to set up a structure for collective bargaining.

House rejects bill to limit tipped worker wages

Critics said the proposed reduction would have been unfair to tipped workers and disrespectful to voters who approved the minimum wage increase.

Patrol officers could start carrying Tasers in Missouri casinos

The state Highway Patrol sought the tasers because of violent situations that sometimes erupt in casinos.

In the fight against global warming, we must see the big picture

Gov. Matt Blunt’s plan for Missourians to buy Energy Star appliances may actually increase our carbon footprint due to manufacturing costs.

Letter: Sean Spence for a bipartisan state

Sean believes not in bickering on the house floor but in reaching out to local leaders of the political opposition to create a working bipartisan system.

Letter: Christians should avoid literal translation, consider Bible’s spirit

Biblical words can often refer to abstract ideas and should therefore be loosely interpreted.

Letter: House bill on abortion disrespectful of women’s right to choose

The bill would expand the definition of “coerced” abortions to include women in domestic violence situations.