How to pick the perfect pillow

Letter: Sturtz has shown he has vision

Through his advancement of the arts in Columbia, Paul Sturtz has shown he would make a good City Council member.

Pillow History

Pillows can be traced as far back as Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) and ancient Egypt. Head rests were found in pharaohs’ tombs. Early versions were for the privileged and rich, according to “Really Useful: The Origins of Everyday Things” by Joel Levy, but they were hardly cushy. Most were solid wood, carved or curved slightly in the middle.

Letter: Tax levy will keep Columbia Public Schools competitive

The Columbia Public School District is asking voters to approve a 54-cent tax levy. Based on an assessment by financial consultants, this increase, as well as an internal budget reduction of $5 million, will result in financial stability for the next five years.

Merna Sneed, second victim in East Campus house explosion, dies

Mrs. Sneed, 85, who was injured in the East Campus house explosion on March 14, died Thursday, according to Columbia fire officials.

A voter's guide to the April election

Museum teaches women's history to inspire confidence in young girls

West Boulevard Elementary School hosted the third annual Children's Museum. This year's exhibit focused on women's history.

Speaker addresses Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Anna Baltzer speaks at various locations in Columbia about the injustices Palestinians endure due to the Israeli government.

Determination pays off for walk on to MU football team

In high school, Chad Collard starred for Harrisburg in basketball, but never played football. Now, though, he is findng success on the Missouri football team after walking-on and refusing to turning his back on his dreams.

Truck-only lanes would ease congestion, improve safety, officials say

With nearly 10,000 trucks traveling Interstate 70 daily, the Missouri Department of Transportation aims to improve safety and alleviate traffic with a proposal to add truck-only lanes.

Burglar alarm led to large drug discovery

Two Columbia men were arrested after large amounts of drugs, cash and guns were found in their residence after police responded to a burglar alarm at the home.

MU student issued summonses for graffiti downtown

Joseph Sheals, an MU sophmore, was issued two summonses based on graffiti found at a downtown parking garage and similar graffiti at Woody's Auto Repair Shop.

Former Tiger Kleiza making solid contributions in the NBA

Every game day, Kleiza gets to slip the baby blue Nuggets jersey over his head. He gets to swish 3-pointers that bring 18,000 fans to their feet. This season, Kleiza is finally silencing the doubters that he has had at every point on his journey.

Tennis pair's connection leads to success

While the Tigers have struggled this season, Jessica Giuggioli and Kaitlyn Ritchie have been a bright spot as doubles partners.

Missouri graduate runs up-and-coming swimming site

When Garrett McCaffrey’s friend Ben Askren, the former Missouri wrestling star, put him in contact with Martin and Mark Floreani, brothers who had started the Flocasts online network, McCaffrey jumped at the chance to cover swimming, the sport he loves.

MU Hillel reflects on 60 years of Jewish student life

MU Hillel is celebrating its 60th anniversary while current and former students and other members of the Jewish community remember MU Hillel’s impact on their lives.

With tax levy approval uncertain, school board looks at future cuts

If the coming tax levy increase does not pass, administrators say they will cut another $5 million from the district’s annual budget, on top of the $5.23 million they cut Thursday. The last tax levy barely passed and district administrators have recently faced harsh criticism.

MU golfers host junior golf clinic

Missouri track team competes in first dual meet in 24 years

Dual meets, or meets where two teams compete head-to-head, were the mainstream of collegiate track until they were given less priority in favor or larger, multi-team invitational meets starting in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Weather moves back Cougars' softball doubleheader