Missouri softball team gets at-large bid to NCAA tournament

The Tigers will travel to Iowa City to face host Iowa, Creighton and Long Beach State in the double-elimination regional tournament.

Hickman baseball coach makes tough choice

Hickman baseball coach Dave Wilson will be leaving Columbia and moving to north Kansas City after the season in order to be closer to his family.

Rutter leads confident Bruins into districts

Rock Bridge junior Rachel Rutter plays a physical style of soccer and it’s paying off, leading the streaking Bruins into the playoffs.

Yoga nidra gains popularity in Columbia

Yoga nidra literally means the sleep of the yogis; a yogi being a yoga master or practitioner of yoga. It is a sensing practice that helps to reduce stress. In Columbia, yoga nidra is gaining popularity and has also been shown to help reduce stress for soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Exiled from Equatorial Guinea, a visiting professor awaits the time he can return home

Donato Ndongo, a political exile from Equitorial Guinea, historian, journalist and novelist will give up his post as visiting professor in MU’s romance languages department and return to his family in Spain. Meanwhile, Ndongo waits for the day he can return home. He remembers his culture through his novels and hopes these will help his fellow citizens remember, too.

School board to vote on proposed boundary lines for new school

The Columbia Public School board will meet Monday to vote on proposed boundary lines for the new elementary school and to further discuss the 2008-09 budget.

Cause of autism cases to be debated in federal court

Families claiming that a mercury-based preservative in vaccines triggers autism will challenge mainstream medicine Monday as they take their case to a federal court.

Republicans try to pass a voter ID bill before session ends

As quick as a camera flash, Republican lawmakers have resurrected a plan to require photo identification for voters. They will press to pass it this week, lest their political opportunity to do so disappears.

Tornado death toll climbs to 15 in Missouri

Rescue efforts in Mo. ended Sunday after a day of searching for survivors. Between 8,000 and 9,000 people remain without power.

BOONE LIFE: A night out with Dr. Pong

"I love the sound of pingpong in the background,” Erik Morse said. “It was a welcome to find a pingpong table outside at the bar.” Doctor Pong night at Mojo’s in downtown Columbia offered Morse and a couple dozen others the opportunity to play pingpong inside or on the patio while enjoying the electronic music played by disc jockeys Nick Newlin and Chris Bahn.

Three businesses have sued the Missouri Department of Revenue for increasing its fee to access motor vehicle and driver records

Businesses say they can not afford the $7-per-record fee set by the Missouri Department of Revenue. Before, the companies paid $2,000 for access to the state’s database of driver records. Now it would cost them $28 million.

Gospel singer-songwriter Joyce 'Dottie' Rambo dies in bus crash

Gospel singer-songwriter Joyce “Dottie” Rambo died early Sunday when the bus she was in ran off a road in southwest Missouri and struck an embankment.

Russia's future still a mystery under new president Dmitry Medvedev

Medvedev appointed former president Vladimir Putin as his prime minister, but Medvedev has a different ruling style than Putin did.