School board still struggles with cuts

Math and literacy coaches, beginner and veteran teachers, outreach counselors, two principals and parents all offered perspectives on what they think is vital to the success of Columbia students.

Randy Boehm: Timeline

Randy Boehm, who has served with the Columbia Police Department since October 1976, has been hired as manager of security for MU Health Care. He begins his new job on July 7.

Boehm to retire as police chief

Columbia Police Chief Randy Boehm has been hired as manager of security for MU Health Care. Boehm’s last day as police chief will be July 1, and he will start his new job on July 7. A replacement will likely come from outside the department, said City Manager Bill Watkins.

Missouri Senate Republicans move forward with voter ID bill

Senate Republicans pushed forward with a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow voter identification laws in the state. The issue is one of the most partisan issues to be raised in the session.

Chinese community in Columbia worry about families in China

China was hit by the worst earthquake in the past three decades on Monday, leading to thousands of deaths. Students at MU try to get in touch with families who live near the quake’s epicenter.

Mo. House panel rejects Senate immigration bill

At issue is what to do with businesses that employ illegal immigrants. Some members of both houses remained optimistic that a bill of some form would still get passed, but the end of the session nears.

Tornado deaths underscore risks of taking shelter in cars

The National Weather Service said about 100 people have died in U.S. twisters so far this year. If trends hold, this could stack up as one of the deadliest tornado years in recent history. Eight of the 22 victims of a weekend tornado that devastated parts of Oklahoma and Missouri died in cars, troubling experts who say vehicles are among the worst places to be when a twister bears down.

MU School of Medicine opens clinical center

The seven-story building houses the Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden Clinical Simulation Center, a state-of-the-art facility for students learning how to perform medical procedures.

Mothers' group offers support for families with a child with autism

Mothers with Children with Autism is a local social group that allows networking for moms who have children diagnosed with autism. Dads and other family members are also included in some of the group's activities.

MU grades examined show majority in 2007 were A’s and B’s

Majority of grades received at MU are As and there are 10 percent more As received in the summer semesters than fall or winter semesters

Missouri Civil Rights Initiative stays in play even though ballot campaign ends

Proponents pulled the plug over worries they didn’t have enough valid signatures but say they'll try to get it on a future ballot. Opponents have vowed to fight future attempts to pass similar measures.

UM curators vote to formally oppose bill to add voting student member to board

The UM System Board of Curators voted Monday morning in an emergency meeting to voice its formal opposition to Senate Bill 873, which could create a voting student curator position in 2011 if Missouri loses a U.S. Congressional District seat.

Regulation of credit card companies is long overdue

The fact that these companies have gotten away for years with raising interest rates and treating their customers like criminals when they fall behind in their payments has given us a fair idea of whose side the government is on.

The country is not as bad economically as critics portray it to be

Gloom and doom economic forecasts overlook the fact that the economy corrects itself - without government interference, too.