Throughout the campaign season, Ron Paul supporters have fought against the odds

Matthew R. Smith, from Columbia, puts together Ron Paul yard signs on Friday at the Parkade Center. The yard signs will be handed out to supporters prior to the primaries.

Ron Paul's self-reliant attitude and brutal honesty has made him a cult figure among those who believe in the small-government tradition of Taft, Goldwater and Reagan.

USTA league lets women keep on serving and volleying

Kathie Lutz came to Columbia from Virginia and was disappointed to find her options limited when it came to playing her sport of choice. She decided to change that. Lutz started playing tennis when she enrolled her son in kindergarten in 1996 and has played ever since

Parity at NCAA regional poses both opportunity and risk for Missouri Softball

Placed in a NCAA regional with neither a clear-cut favorite nor an overmatched hopeful, the Missouri softball team realizes the opportunity it will have when play begins today in Iowa City, Iowa.

Photo of the week

Watching the watchdog: Tell Columbia's news media what you think

Missourian editor Tom Warhover encourages citizens to engage in debate about the state of the news media.

Graduation day approaches

Site work on Landmark Hospital to begin in July

A representative for the company said the crew would work during daytime hours, and the hospital should open in July or August 2009.

West Broadway residents form neighborhood association

A new neighborhood association for residents of West Broadway formed Wednesday night to improve communication with city officials and neighbors.

Mo. Senate OKs illegal immigration bill

The Senate approved a broad bill Thursday that adds penalties and restrictions on illegal immigrants but also includes provisions opposed by House leaders that affect businesses.

Fire department tests fire hydrants

The fire department will conduct annual tests of fire hydrants starting on Monday. The testing, which was postponed in response to recent water quality issues, will continue throughout the duration of May and June.

MU students collect aid for earthquake victims in China

The Friendship Association for Chinese Students and Scholars of MU have organized a fundraiser to collect donations for the victims of the earthquake in China. They will be collecting donations all weekend from various locations.

Driver strikes another car while reading mail

A woman reading her mail while driving struck two teenagers in another car Wednesday at 2:50 p.m, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

House adds item to bill to allow death sentences for child rape

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in April on a Louisiana law allowing the death penalty for child rapists. But the court has not yet ruled.

Senate OKs illegal immigration bill

But it has a provision House leaders don’t like.

Voter ID Act is an attempt at absolute power

The Voter ID law is, in fact, “fear-mongering” by the conservative end of the political spectrum.

Letter: YouZeum’s admission fee is too high

Places that are subsidized by taxpayer money, like the YouZeum, should be required to have lower fees to welcome more Columbians.