Missouri softball nabs dramatic win

Parkade Salvation Army set to begin renovations Monday

The store's "bag sale" continues through Saturday.

Paquin Tower: 15 floors, many stories

Natural gas leak causes evacuation at MU

Authorities evacuated about 100 people from MU’s Lafferre Hall on Friday after a 1-inch gas line was cut at a construction site near the building. No one was injured.

About $30,000 worth of items stolen from home

Burglars made off with about $30,000 worth of electronics and jewelry from a Columbia home May 15.

The history of graduation gowns

From puffy hats and tams to hanging shawls and hoods, each item of clothing worn at college and university graduation has significance and meaning.

Spill it: David Jacks, owner of Scoop-N-Doo

David Jacks, owner of Scoop-N-Doo gives the scoop on cleaning up after animals.

MU volunteers reach trauma victims worldwide

MU's International Center for Psychosocial Trauma team develops and introduces creative ways to talk and work with children and families suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. New Orleans is the center’s most recent focus — MU teams have made six trips to the area since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August 2005 — but the program has reached thousands of people worldwide, focusing on children.

Belief in brief: Mecca

Mecca. For nearly 1 billion Muslims worldwide, the city carries with it a deep religious history, a calling to faith in God, or Allah, and a connection to the prophet Muhammad, who walked many of the same streets that nearly 2 million pilgrims traverse each year.

Breaking bread: The Eucharist

The act of communion is different within each denomination, but the act of breaking bread is a sign of faith for three Columbia congregations.

Minister’s retirement turns into second career as writer

It was while he was in Chicago that Hatzidakis started publishing monthly installments in his church’s newsletter about the Divine Liturgy, the most holy of the weekly services in the Orthodox Church. A member of Orthodox Witness, an organization Hatzidakis founded, suggested he put the material together in a book to spread the knowledge to others outside the church.