Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts reopens in style

Patrons enjoy hors d'ouerves and champagne inside the Missouri Theatre before the start of its grand opening gala, which featured singer Tony Bennett on Wednesday.

Singer Tony Bennett performed the first show held within the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Wednesday night as the audience took in the full measure of the renovations to the historic center.

Airshow brings MU graduate back to Columbia

Lt. Brian Heater graduated from MU eight years ago. Now, he returns to Columbia to fly an F/A-18F Super Hornet in the Salute to Veterans airshow.

City manager offers plan to choose new police chief

City Manager Bill Watkins’ proposal would use both a recruiting firm and an advisory committee of community stakeholders to search for Chief Randy Boehm’s replacement.

Wind farm stirs trouble in northwest Missouri

The wind industry, which produces about 1 percent of the nation’s energy, has gained considerable purchase in the U.S, growing by 45 percent last year. But now come claims that industrial windmills cause what one researcher calls “wind turbine syndrome,” a range of symptoms that include headaches, anxiety, sleep problems and dizziness in some people who live close by.

State dissolves Shawn Hornbeck Foundation

The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation has been dissolved by the state because of paperwork problems, but its members continue to pursue their mission of finding missing children.

Five Amur tigers born at Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo has five new tiger cubs born late last month. The critically endangered Amur tigers — two males and three females — were born April 28 and are with their mother, Kalista, in an off-display indoor maternity den.

Law on copper thefts tightened

Gov. Matt Blunt was traveling throughout the state Wednesday to sign legislation that helps police track people who plunder copper and aluminum and sell to it scrap metal dealers.

Records reveal Mo. fee hike set to pay for computer system

A sharp fee increase for state vehicle and driver’s license records appears to have been set to pay for the cost of a new computer system — a justification not allowed under Missouri’s open-records law.

Opening of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park delayed

The opening of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park in southeast Missouri is being delayed because of severe winter weather and more recent flooding.

Missouri Theatre kicks off reopening with ribbon cutting ceremony

Wednesday morning, after nearly a year of waiting, the ribbon was finally cut. The Missouri Theatre and Center for the Arts is officially reopened.

Sunflowers a perfect gardening project for children and beginners

A native plant of North America, sunflowers are easy to grow. The flowers come in various colors, and the seeds can be good snacks.