Ethics questions raised over lawmakers getting biofuel tax credits

The intermingling of personal and official actions involving biofuels has led to a backlash at the Missouri Capitol.

Truman State student isolated with active TB

Tuberculosis can damage the lungs and is spread through coughing, sneezing and speaking.

Bush in St. Louis: 'This economy is going to come on'

After months of talking about the economy's resilience, President Bush was able to pivot his latest pep talk off some encouraging signs — at least relative to the gloomy indicators of late.

Plaques removed from St. Louis veterans park amid controversy

Until this week, the park included small metal plaques atop pedestals that summarized the nation's conflicts — from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism — including "mistakes" and "consequences."

Do Columbia’s nachos make the grade?

Four restaurants’ nachos get graded according to price, taste, crunch and toppings.

Relationship between popular tanning site and MU campus concerns some

The debate about the propriety of locating The Spa on campus has raised questions about the status of MU’s contract with Tan Time LLC.


Belief in brief: The Bible

When early Christians compiled the Bible, who decided what religious writings made the cut, and how did they choose?

Two men preach from the ring

Two men wrestle with their faith in God to find meaning in life and share stories from unusual pulpits on how surrender brought them hope.

News Release: Level of trihalomethanes in Columbia water increases

Trihalomethanes present problems over a long period of time. The city of Columbia is working with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the University of Missouri to find a solution to the problem and lower the levels of trihalomethanes. A person consuming two liters of water per day for over 70 years could result in three to four cancers per 10,000 people,

Columbia reports first drinking water violation in 3 decades

Columbia’s drinking water in 2007 exceeded government standards for a contaminant linked to a long-term cancer risk, the city reported Friday.

Happy, peppy people exercise

Exercise stimulates the mind and body and makes people happy and healthy.

Two small tornadoes rip at Kansas City area

No serious injuries have been reported. About 23,000 customers were without power across the metro area as of midmorning, Kansas City Power & Light reported.

Columbia's Seventh Annual Bike, Walk and Wheel Week kicks off Saturday

The week will include opportunities to learn bike maintenance and take the city bus for free.

Petition prompts special meeting with MU faculty to discuss MU's fiscal future

MU faculty will hold a special meeting next Thursday after 67 faculty members signed a petition calling to discuss the university’s fiscal future.

Hickman baseball coach will take job in North Kansas City

When this season ends Hickman baseball coach Dave Wilson will leave to take a job at Staley High School in North Kansas City. Meanwhile, the MU baseball team's home finale will be televised.

Man arrested on charge of sex crime with six-year-old daughter

A 28-year-old man faces charges of sexually assaulting his six-year-old daughter.

Hallsville police arrested the man Tuesday. He was charged with first-degree statutory sodomy and remained held Thursday at the Boone County Jail on $100,000 bond.

Missouri Senate aims to bring Canadian jet-manufacturing jobs to Kansas City

Missouri’s Senate approved up to $240 million in tax credits during eight years to Bombardier, a Canadian aircraft company, that supporters say could bring 2,100 new jobs to the state.

Mitrisin solidifies role and becomes ace of the Kewpies’ staff

Last year junior Drew Mitrisin would come into a game when the starter was struggling and the next week he might get a start. But during the end of last year Mitrisin started getting more starts and took advantage of them.

Companies try to woo customers to spend rebate checks

The IRS began depositing tax rebate checks in thousands of bank accounts on Monday, beginning the national economy stimulus program a few days ahead of plan. Today, the IRS will administer 5 million rebate checks, the largest batch yet, and national corporations such as Sears, Kroger and Home Depot want a piece of them.

Columbians gather for National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman.