Maguire Boulevard extension wins council approval

The City Council’s decision to call for bids on the project ends years of debate about its financing and potential effect on Grindstone Creek.

City seeks to revamp fire district territories

COLUMBIA — At Monday’s city council meeting, the Council prepared a resolution that directed staff to send a letter to the Boone County Fire Protection District terminating the current territorial agreement.

Council approves Mudd for public art at Fire Station No. 7

The City Council agreed to commission a new piece of public art at its meeting Monday night. The work, from artist Jane Mudd of Fulton, will adorn Fire Station No. 7.


UM System working to boost involvement in telephone emergency notification plan

The University of Missouri System will try the direct approach in August to get more students, faculty and staff to enroll in the campus emergency notification system.

Fire at Maddox Motors extinguished quickly

A fire reported early Monday morning at Maddox Motors was first noticed by a customer dropping off a vehicle at the repair shop and was extinguished minutes after Columbia firefighters located the source.

Columbia picks ‘The Whistling Season’ for One Read

Ivan Doig’s novel "The Whistling Season" has been chosen as the 2008 One Read book, beating out Oliver Relin’s nonfiction work "Three Cups of Tea." Programming for the sixth annual One Read will begin in September.

Math professors hear response from the state on education standards

The state has broadened its invitation to mathematicians to review a draft of updated K-12 math curriculum standards. The move is a response to a letter sent in May by more than 50 math professors from MU, Washington University and Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Flooding along Missouri River unlikely

Waters along the Missouri River remain high but should begin falling later this week as the forecast calls for several days without rain.

Rain delays 10-year Old Southwest sewer project

Fifty-three residents in the Old Southwest neighborhood are in the midst of having the city replace their old private sewer lines with new, public lines. Their lawns have been torn up since January and now the rain has delayed the project two more months.

Columbia residents change food consumption habits

Food price increases over the past year have led many people to buy more generic food, less meat and fresh produce while many restaurants are slowly increasing prices to make a profit.

Budget to the rescue

Keeping track of every penny isn’t fun, but sticking to a household budget can give Columbians financial freedom. Use these tips to help you save.

Summer school begins

Summer school began Monday for students enrolled in the Newton Learning Summer Adventure Program.

Unattended grill to blame for sparking fire

A Columbia family evacuated their home on Sunday just before a barbecue grill exploded.

Mo. woman pleads not guilty in Internet suicide case

Lori Drew was charged with a federal crime because no applicable state law existed.

Volunteers needed to help town prepare for floods

Flooding is endangering many Missouri river towns and help is needed to reinforce levees.

Missouri asks Bush to expedite declaration for flood help

Officials predict crest levels are expected to exceed those set by the Great Flood of 1993, which some levees may not withstand.

Jury told former Mo. radio reporter killed wife for money

Julie Keown died in September 2004 from ingesting ethylene glycol, a chemical found in antifreeze. Her husband is a former Jefferson City radio reporter who is on trial in Massachusetts.

Hard times, emergencies make us realize we’re all in this together

The neighbor’s house and property should not have to be destroyed by a weather or fire event for people to discover that we are all human beings.

Letter: Families feeling money crunch

The community can do more to make the financial bind less serious for families.

Kinder asks Pres. Bush to expedite flood help

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is asking President Bush to expedite a disaster declaration to help Missouri deal with record flooding along the Mississippi River.