Wabash Station receives environmental award for renovations

It’s the first city building to receive a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification award.

Annual Juneteenth celebration coming to Douglass Park on Saturday

The event is free to the public and will feature food, a talent show and music.

Pickleball, a rapidly growing sport, is added to the Senior Games

Pickleball is much like tennis with a smaller court but uses a Wiffle ball. There are 38 registered participants for the competition’s debut at the Senior Games.

CARE Gallery to host Columbia teen’s artwork

Bob Dynamite will show 10 pieces of art, paintings on scrap wood, at the CARE Gallery for two hours Saturday afternoon.

Gift given to MU School of Medicine

Curtis W. and Ann H. Long contributed to the school’s family and community medicine department. The gift will support teaching, research and clinical care for rural communities.

Columbia volunteers assist with flood relief in Winfield

Volunteers left Columbia Friday for Winfield to help fill sandbags and plan to return on Sunday.

Saying goodbye to Bingo: Nursing homes undergo makeover, redefine activities for seniors

The term “nursing homes” – and the sterile, depressing image it conjures – has been disappearing from our lexicon, making way for “care homes” and “communities.” The new terms emphasize a more personal, less hospital-like existence.

Belief in Brief: Kosher foods

Food scares are adding to the popularity of kosher foods outside the Jewish community. Some people say they feel more confident buying kosher foods because the inspection process is more rigorous.

Missouri unemployment rate hits 6 percent in May

The state unemployment rate charged upward last month, reaching its highest point in more than three years. Missouri’s unemployment rate also hit 6 percent in January 2005 and July 2004.

Kansas Supreme Court rules juveniles have right to jury trial

The Kansas Supreme Court says juvenile offenders have a constitutional right to a jury trial. In its 6-1 ruling Friday, the court said legislators have changed the juvenile system to make it more like the adult system.

News of lower-than-predicted river cresting not of comfort to all

Inland levees protecting Elsberry and eastern Winfield were still holding strong this morning and would likely hold back floodwaters during the river’s crest, said Andy Binder, spokesman for Lincoln County Emergency Management.

Man injured in house fire

The fire in Central Columbia caused an estimated $50,000 in damage.

With printed news in trouble, what does the future hold for journalism?

What motivates readers to choose the stories they choose? That’s the topic ofthis summer’s “Watching the Watchdog” events.

School board approves a budget with 5-1 vote

The Columbia School Board approved a budget Thursday night for the 2008-2009 school year that will not fund regularly scheduled salary increases for district employees next year.

Salat and Society

Questions about the economy, health care and the environment have taken center stage in thus far in the presidential campaign. Religion hasn’t been overlooked; in April, Democratic Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama addressed faith and social justice during a Compassion Forum at Messiah College in Pennsylvania. The forum helped bring religion to the nation’s attention as part of the presidential campaign. During the forum, the Democratic candidates talked openly about their faith and the role religion plays in everyday life in America. Today the Missourian continues an occasional conversation on the topic with Columbians.