Wal-Mart pulls annual convention from Kansas City

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is planning to move its annual national managers meeting from Kansas City, taking away the city’s largest annual convention.

Rainfall prompts more warnings

Heavy rainfall overnight in north-central Missouri has led to forecasts that put the Missouri River above flood stage once again.

State audit finds gaps in training, testing for some school bus drivers

But State Auditor Susan Montee says that even if school districts met all state requirements, it wouldn't be enough to protect child passengers.

Fertility clinic opens

A state-of-the-art fertility clinic opened at Columbia Regional Hospital in early June. The clinic will serve patients with varying degrees of fertility issues, including women who continually miscarry.

Comfort Inn manager was tasered before she was killed

In the first day of testimony of the trial of Dwight Tyrell Hayes, the Boone County medical examiner said burns and bruises on Cynthia White's lower right forearm were consistent with a direct-contact taser.

Springfield man pleads guilty to stealing sex toys

Police say Daniel Edward Ray stole the toys from three stores in 90 minutes.

UPDATE: Gas line break forces University Hospital to temporarily close operating rooms

The Wednesday morning break was caused by construction crews working on a steam tunnel.

Fallen tree knocks out power to more than 2,000 homes, businesses

The outage lasted about two hours Tuesday night and primarily affected the East Campus neighborhood.

Letter: Nuclear power is not the answer

Nuclear power is dangerous and dirty. Instead of using money to build nuclear plants, we could invest in wind and solar power.

School auction expands family’s home

Only one of eight properties was sold.

Meeting the Jamboree sculpture

Terra Belle Veazey, 4, climbs on the Jamboree sculpture outside the Boone County Courthouse.