Gearing up for the Fourth

Alyvia Swearingen checks out some fireworks at Bob’s Fireworks on S. Providence Road on Sunday. Swearingen was picking out fireworks with her parents and big brother, preparing for the Fourth of July festivities. The family has recently moved from Illinois, where most fireworks are illegal, and was excited about the large selection. Bob’s Fireworks is open for business through July 10.

Grill One 5 closes after nine years

Saturday was a night of reminiscing and farewells for the patrons and staff of Grill One 5. The restaurant and bar’s owner, Mike Reilly, has reluctantly decided to close its doors after nine years of business.

ANALYSIS: Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidates campaign for ethics reform

By running on platforms involving ethics reform Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman imply ethics lapse in the current Republican-led government.

Saturday accident leaves one trapped in vehicle

A “t-bone” type car accident at Paris Road and Whitegate Drive left one victim stranded in their car for 15 minutes, Saturday night.

Midwestern flood residents have to decide whether to go back

Once the waters begin to recede, residents along the Mississippi flood plain will need to decide if they should move back or try to live elsewhere.

MU graduate makes zero-budget movie

Sarah Phillips graduated from MU with a degree in journalism. At the end of this summer she is moving to Los Angeles to attend acting school. But before that, she’s filming “Memory, Loss” — a no-budget film home-grown in Columbia.

MoDOT pledges $6.4 million to Scott Boulevard Improvement Project

The plans to widen roadways on Scott Boulevard have been jump-started by funding from the Missouri Department of Transportation and the federal government, despite the increase in estimated cost.

New law aims to lower textbook costs

A new Missouri law is giving college professors information they can use to potentially lower the price their students pay for textbooks and other study materials.

Firefighters respond to 2 house fires in one hour Saturday night

No injuries were reported in two separate fires that occurred within an hour of each other Saturday night, a Columbia Fire Department news release said.

“Care Callers” reach out to hospice patients

A new program through Community Hospices of America called “Care Callers” is providing hospice patients with a phone call each night to monitor their physical and emotional welfare.

Teen wants people to draw their own conclusions about his art

The young artist who goes by Bob Dynamite is not loud or boastful. Nothing about his teenage demeanor screams for attention. But there is one thing about this shy, composed person that begs to be noticed: his artwork.

Analyzing the Zimbabwe election

Robert Mugabe has said only God can oust him as president of Zimbabwe, and he's taken actions to keep it that way.