Activists speak out against the purchase of Tasers for Columbia police officers

Four organizations met to question the city council decision to purchase more Tasers for Columbia police. Another Public meeting is planned for July 15.

Flood terminology needs re-evaluation

Misleading descriptors such as "100-year" and "500-year" have been detrimental for the many who believe the floods will not strike again.

Columbia family sells fireworks from home

The Gardner family sell fireworks because they love them and don’t mind that they have no multicolored tent to sell from, only the barn in their back yard.

Stove, cabinets catch fire in Clark Lane apartment unit

Just before 5 p.m. on Monday, the Columbia Fire Department responded to a fire was caused by boxes left atop a lit stove burner.

Prosecutor drops burglary charges against Hayes

Burglary charges were dropped Monday morning against convicted murderer Dwight Tyrell Hayes, and the sentencing hearings for two other incidents in which Hayes was involved were combined and scheduled for August 4.

Lt. Gov. Kinder to speak at Boone County Courthouse on Tuesday

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder will speak in Columbia at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to a press release.

No new district projects until Hickman pays off money it owes for turf

The district paid for installation of artificial turf at Hickman in 2006 and is still waiting for repayment of $85,000 of it.

MU opera grad sings for the spotlight

Neal E. Boyd, an MU grad and Sikeston native, has won a spot at the callbacks of the NBC show “America’s Got Talent.”

Mo. lawsuit asks court to clarify stem cell limits

The governor’s former chief of staff filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of embryonic stem cell research critics that seeks to delay spending from a state life-sciences research fund.

School Board approves final budget

Today was the final deadline for the 2008-2009 school year budget. School Board members were required to approve a finalized budget for the 2008-2009 school year.

Blunt signs bill outlawing cyberbullying in Missouri

Gov. Blunt signed a bill that updates state laws against harassment to keep pace with technology by removing the requirement that the communication be either written or over the telephone.

PETCO short on some pet food brands after FDA seizure

Several shelves might be empty for a while at PETCO. The store, located at 2101 W. Broadway, is out of certain brand-name pet foods including Purina, Hill’s Science Diet and Natural Choice after the FDA ordered the seizure of stock at a distribution center.

Obama defends his patriotism

During a trip to Independence on Monday, Barack Obama defended his patriotism and responded to accusations that he wrongly questioned John McCain’s military service record.

Athena Night Club owners give up fight to keep club open

The owners of Athena Night Club have withdrawn their appeal of the city’s revocation of their business licenses.

Floodwaters leveling off in St. Louis; crest expected at Cape Girardeau on Wednesday

The swollen Mississippi River hasn’t caused major problems in St. Louis, although the city’s Independence Day festival will relocate from the Arch to another spot downtown. The worst of this year’s flooding appears over, unless torrential rain strikes to the north.

Obama talks patriotism in Independence

Barack Obama visited Independence, Mo., on Monday and gave a speech that offered his interpretation of patriotism.

Love INC fills in gaps for Columbia residents in need

Love INC is a Christian-based social work organization that strives to provide long-term solutions to those in need in Columbia, and fills the holes left by other charities.

Belief in Brief: The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is a Christian belief that God the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit are separate beings but still part of the “One God.”

Struggling economy makes apartment life seem attractive

Rising prices for gasoline and endless lists of projects have turned the idea of home ownership into a nightmare. In a sound economy, the dissatisfaction would probably never have arisen. On a bright summer day in any other year I would have been horrified if anybody had suggested apartment living to me.


Letter: Support Mary Still, who has the experience needed for state representative

Columbia resident says Mary Still, candidate for the 25th District , has a lot of experience that can help her serve the community.