MOHELA financial concerns delay June payment for building plan

Financial strains prompt Missouri’s student loan agency to delay a scheduled payment for Gov. Matt Blunt’s college construction plan.

Windows in Paquin Tower to be replaced

Rising utility costs prompted the Columbia Housing Authority to move the long-planned window work up on its priority list.

Council looks to remedy development process

The City Council and staff are trying to fix a development process that often receives complaints.

Midwestern rains threaten more flooding in Boonville and elsewhere

The worst may not be over for middle America river towns. As weather forecasts predict more rain and higher river levels, communities make preparations.

$1.4 million donation to help Clark County students to attend MU

The money will will provide four students from Clark County with a four-year, full-ride scholarship to MU through the Flagship Scholars program.

Understanding a child’s death requires naming names

Columbia Police originally refused to release the name of Cortez Johnson, the 2-year-old who was found dead this week.

Kansas City man on probation charged in homicide of Columbia man

Darryl Vest was charged Wednesday for fatally beating James Dake of Columbia, who was also on probation.

City to throw out trash bag system

Residents soon will use vouchers to fetch bags from stores rather than their yards.

Jury finds Hayes guilty on all charges

Dwight T. Hayes, 21, was found guilty on all charges in his trial for the robbery and murder of former Comfort Inn general manager Cynthia White in November.

Home Depot to collect used compact fluorescent light bulbs

The bulbs contain a small amount of mercury and can’t be thrown away in the trash.

Anheuser-Busch to quit selling caffeinated alcohol

The St. Louis-based brewer settled with attorneys general from 11 states, who said the beverages targeted at minors.

Blunt signs bills on varying issues

Bills concern microchip implants, gun range noise violations, the Second Injury Fund and money for sheriff’s departments.

Joyriding in flood waters

A man is accused of stealing a boat from a St. Charles County marina and taking a ride in floodwaters, with his young son along for the ride.

Missouri hatchery sends 10,000 replacement trout to Iowa

The donated trout constitute the Neosho hatchery’s surplus of that size rainbow trout for this year.

Letter: Barbara Bishop, running for county assessor, seeks changes to local taxes

Bishop, if elected, would change the way certain properties are assessed and create a commission to handle tax appeals.

Columbia museums provide summer opportunities for learning

Here are five Columbia museums, each with diverse and unique exhibits. Many offer children’s programs as well as opportunities for lifelong learners.

Pastors for Peace give insight into the Cuba they know

The group is looking to bring medical supplies and other equipment to the island nation.

Mother arrested on suspicion of child-endangerment

The boy’s father, who is allegedly responsible for some of the child’s injuries, is wanted by police.

Journalism will survive, no matter the medium

Mortality is the subject of discussion in the wake of recent celebrity deaths and talk of the possible demise of the Missourian’s printed edition. But the printed word will never die; it will just change its mode of delivery.

Defense claims police coercion in Hayes trial

The trial of Dwight Hayes, the man accused of shooting hotel manager Cynthia White in November, continued Wednesday. Hayes told police there was a second shooter, but the prosecution claims otherwise. The defense asserts Hayes was coerced into telling police what they wanted to hear.