Columbia couple dedicates their lives to saving wild animals

Dale Tolentino says hello to Tony, a three year old, 500-pound Siberian tiger, at D-D Farm Animal Sanctuary on Sunday. Tony was a "picture tiger" - he was used to pose with people for studio portraiture. However, Tony became too big and unmanageable after six months of age and came to Tolentino's farm to live out his life.

Dale and Debbie Tolentino provide a permanent home to exotic animals and a temporary shelter to native Missouri wildlife.

Free sports will be available to MU students starting this fall

Under a new plan, MU students will be able to attend many sporting events for free. The All-Sports Pass will also be replaced by a new Student Season Ticket Combo.

Department of Natural Resources encourages swimmers to take precautions

A water quality sampling in Lake of the Ozarks found five coves with elevated levels of E. coli. A department spokesman said individuals should check with their health department if they want more information, but most importantly they should take precautions when swimming and not drink the water.

Oven fire causes $1,000 in damage

A sheet of cookies left in an oven was the cause of a structure fire Tuesday evening at 301 W. Parkway Drive., according to a release issued by the Columbia Fire Department.

FEMA sets up flood disaster recovery centers in Missouri

With the Mississippi river receding from near-record levels, the Federal Emergency Management Agency opened disaster recovery centers in flooded Clarksville and Winfield on Tuesday.

Forrest Rose Park to honor late musician

The park, which is next to Mojo's, will open Friday with a Fourth of July Picnic and will become the site of outdoor music concerts and social events.

Together, MU's Summer Singers make beautiful music

The MU Summer Singers make up an eclectic group of past and present MU students and music majors and non-majors alike. The choir takes on challenging pieces and perfects them in the span of just four weeks.

Legislation will help MU Thompson Center grow

Blunt signed a bill Monday earmarking $5 million for the autism center.

UPDATE: Police capture ex-con suspected of killing 8 people in Missouri, Illinois

Nicholas T. Sheley, 28, was arrested at a bar about 10 miles north of St. Louis on Tuesday evening when a bartender and a customer recognized him and called police.

UPDATE: KRCG/Channel 13 drops DISH Network

About 40,000 DISH Network subscribers around the Columbia and Jefferson city area won’t be able to view KRCG or CBS programming after tonight.

Jury deliberates murder case of former Missouri radio reporter

Prosecutors say James Keown was deeply in debt and killed his 31-year-old wife for her life insurance by poisoning her with a chemical found in antifreeze.

Starbucks closing 600 stores nationwide, but none in Columbia

The number of closures next year is up from 100 previously planned, a sign the coffee shop operator is hurt by the faltering U.S. economy.

Republicans weigh in on consultant ban

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder traveled the state Tuesday to promote his proposed ban of elected officials serving as political consultants while they are in office.

Steelman calls for a repeal of Missouri’s ethanol mandate

The state law that went into effect in January requires gas stations to sell a 10 percent ethanol blend when it is not more expensive than traditional gasoline.

Boone County Fire District budget “clean,” says new auditor

The Boone County Fire Protection District’s 2007 budget audit has been pronounced “clean” by its new independent auditor. In past years, the district has been plagued by sloppy bookkeeping of its steadily increasing budget.

City receives $100,000 gift from the estate of a former mayor

The donation honored the work of former city manager Ray Beck.

Missouri homeowners gain protection from property tax spikes with new law

The new law requires tax-rate reductions when assessed property values rise significantly; expands tax breaks for low-income elderly and disabled property owners; and requires faster notification when taxes are likely to increase.

McCain names Jack Jackson as co-chairman of Missouri campaign

Jackson is a Vietnam veteran like McCain. He had planned on working for the McCain campaign since dropping out of the lieutenant governor’s race.

Ex-convict is sought in killing of 8 people in Missouri, Illinois

Nicholas T. Sheley, 28, is a suspect in the killing of a 93-year-old man, a child and six other people.

Woman says she didn't hear 3-year-old open car door, jump out

The southwest Missouri woman said she didn’t hear what happened because of loud music she was playing to calm her daughter, who is autistic.