ANALYSIS: Statehouse and gubernatorial candidates stress agrarian image in campaigns

Many campaign ads show the candidates walking around farms in rural areas. The agrarian image is used to show the tradition that people who work with soil have more integrity.

Missouri hybridizers look to create diverse day lilies

The summer offers horticulturalists the opportunity to display the fruits of their experimental labors. Missourians can see some of the hybrids that the Members of the Day Lily Club have developed.

Day in the sun

With summer in full swing, Columbians enjoy their days staying active while trying to beat the heat.

Rural America fertile for military

Rural America continues to be fertile ground for military recruiters as young people continue to see the armed forces as a way to escape poverty or lack of opportunity in their hometowns, according to an analysis by the Department of Defense data by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Columbia man arrested after attempted robbery on Walnut

A Columbia man was arrested on suspicion of a robbery that took place near Walnut and Tenth Street on Saturday night, according to Sgt. Dan Beckman of the Columbia Police Department.

Unsolved property crimes increasing in Columbia

The total number of burglaries and the total value stolen are on the rise while the clearance rate — or percentage of burglaries solved — is declining.