Hannibal recovers from flash flood

Three to four inches of rain fell in about 40 minutes, causing creeks to overflow and leaving water standing on many streets.

Obama campaign to triple its paid workers in Missouri

The jump to 150 workers would make it one of the largest Democratic campaign efforts in the state's history, but the McCain campaign said this just shows how desperate Obama's people are.

Kansas City police identify gunman who was fatally shot after shooting at passing cars

Kansas City police have identified a 55-year-old gunman, Reginald McGee, whom officers fatally shot after he allegedly fired a rifle at passing vehicles in Swope Park.

Fire Department suspects arson in northeast Columbia fire

An early morning structural fire caused $2,000 in damage, but no one was injured.

Snack run pays off: Columbia woman wins $10,000 lottery on “Lucky 7’s”

Woman wins $10,000 lottery prize Saturday Darylicia Wilkerson went for a snack run and ended up with $10,000 from the scratchers

Police fatally shoot man who was firing on traffic

Police said the man wrecked his car in Swope Park, pulled out a rifle and began firing at vehicles. He hit three before he was shot.